Friday 3 August 2012


 The other day I thought of all the things I needed to do, should be doing, things that I couldn't really put off for much longer and decided to do something I have never done. Yes even as an albeit new 'steiner' parent, I have never scraped beeswax crayons*, so I sat with Ilo by my side and delighted in the unveiling of the beauty beneath the muck and by the little pile of colour that was growing in front of me. It was the most perfect thing I could have done in those 20 minutes (including the fun of drawing lots of rainbow pictures).
In this world of exhibitions, markets, online shops, photography and soon to be film making (yes really, eek) my creative mind and heart are literally jumping out of their confined spaces and shrieking at me with joy and near hysteria, at times it does kind of feel very surreal. It is nice (read crucial) to stop and slow down and to remind myself of this over and over. Because within all this fun stuff it does feel a bit squishy at times, I guess the squishiness is due to having two exhibitions on consecutive weekends and juggling the space to be a relaxed, fun and aware parent, partner and human, so hopefully I will be able to stretch out a little soon and get to wriggle all my extremities.
Even with my mind, body and spirit in an unusually squishy shape, I do love peeping out amongst it all  and marvel at how both Poe and Ilo are influenced by their surrounds (including Scott and his music). I love that their creative outlets although influenced by us are self driven; getting their embroidery hoops out as they please and creating beautiful pictures, playing bands, making film clips, having their own exhibitions, pop up shops, markets etc.
Poe has particularly been getting into the photography side of things he has been making filmclips and taking oodles of random and not so random photographs. A couple of weeks ago  I was filming Kell Stoner's gig with Jordie Lane at No. 5 and Poe decided he wanted to come and film as well, he sat on a little step just near my feet the whole time and filmed it all on his camera, with such concentration and consideration.  Oh my the sweetness of his face as he sat and looked around and waited until they started was nearly too much. After a very brief explanation he has also been dabbling with a bit of stop motion animation, unfortunately he deleted the clip so I can't share but it was pretty awesome.


Some examples of recent Poe pics, ukelele's, guitars and fruit, together at last. I love finding these little gems uploaded onto the computer.
This weekend we are going on a surprise trip to the Circus at Macksville (no animals in this circus), Poe is well and truly entrenched into the delightful world of Enid Blyton's Circus Adventures, as we read it, his eyes glaze over and you can see him imagining himself in those little brightly painted wooden horse drawn caravans that take the circus from town to town. Wonderfully there is not too much editing needed in this Blyton book and the main characters are Jimmy a very sweet and sensitive boy and Lotta a rather high-spirited and adventurous girl. Scott and I are busting with excitement, we cannot wait to see Poe's face when we arrive at the big top. Considering it is 9 months since we went to see Circus Oz and that is still heavily featured in their play, can't wait to see what this fresh burst of circus will do.
*we have had the crayons for 5 years now and you need to scrape the other bits of crayons that seem to  stick to them


  1. I've never even *heard* of crayon scraping! Those photos from Poe are great, and love that he's getting into stop motion. I've been trying to interest Harriet in it for ages but she just has no attention for long term projects unless they involve her sitting in a corner reading for hours on end atm.

    The circus books are gorgeous, I remember loving them as a child too. Harriet is reading Willow Farm as her chilled out bedtime book and it's such sweet, easy writing. A little light on the spankings and name callings that are in other Blytons.

    1. Willow Farm, looks lovely might need to check it out, yes the spankings, scoldings and name callings can get very tedious with other Blytons, I usually approach with extreme caution. Do you think Harriet would maybe like a copy of the circus celebration for an upcoming occasion?


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