Monday 20 August 2012


For some reason I seem to not be able to bring myself to write a couple of pressing posts, one about my Sydney trip the other Ilo's Birthday. It could be because I have been sick in bed most nights (not so days, just aching nights) since returning from Sydney, some kind of hilarious joke about balancing my body after a weekend of umm, relaxing (staying up late chatting and snubbing a sleep-in, due to infernal body clock) and being loved up by dear friends.
Why does this happen?
Or maybe I cannot face remembering the tears and tantrums that, ahem, welcomed me home, yep, it was a bit too much for one little person to have me home (even though they had a lovely weekend), which unfortunately in turn made it hard for everyone else to show me how much they missed me and welcome me home how they would have liked.
Or maybe it is too hard to think of the ease and delight that I experienced with my dear friends and then I lament and lament that we are not closer and those moments are so far and few between.
Who knows. Whatever the reason, it hasn't happened yet.
instead I will leave this post with tears of laughter, this video totally choreographed and filmed by Poe, was another one of those pleasant surprises I discovered on his camera when I uploaded it. It shows Poe performing (which doesn't happen very often and even more rarely on camera) and being so gorgeously quirky and cool. The music is by the Cope Street Parade, a jazz band we checked out as part of the Bellingen Jazz Festival.

I was crying with laughter when I first watched this. Oh just letting you know it has been edited because at some point, bottoms do start to appear, which again, is hysterical but not quite for public viewing.

*beautiful basket made by Jen, how amazing is that!


  1. cracker! love those fast feet... a tap dancer in the mak?ing

  2. Jay your photo of the basket is just so beautiful - made my eyes water, as did your message. It's heartbreaking to be so far away. You are in my thoughts daily. Love you love you love you

    1. oh i know, oh and i forgot to credit you for the basket, have changed that now. it is so strikingly beautiful, i am in awe. love love lobe you too.


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