Friday 31 August 2012

yet another rip roaring night

To quote an audience member 'Bello sure does love you guys', yep The Mid North, played an amazing set last Saturday night, to an even fuller house than before (booked out weeks in advance), this time a dance floor facilitated lots of dancing and heels were kicked up all over the place, there was even, wait for it...... table dancing yep, you know people are having a good time when they start taking it to the tables.
 Ilo, yet again held the crowd in the palm of his tiny hand, he played about 5 songs and then declared "Dadda, I think I am going to have a rest now". Poe was full of pride as he gushed "I can't believe this is his third gig". And there was another guest appearance with Ella, a local, who is 12 and knows all the words to all the songs, she got up and sang Holy Water, also pretty great.
Oh the love, it was dripping off the walls, such a beautiful and fun night, I am especially lucky that the amazing Woo, looked after the kids (we left at half time, I put Ilo to sleep and Poe snuggled up with Sidney and Ziggy), which meant I got to get my dance on and partake in some whiskey sours. As the following clips* can attest, there was fun aplenty. Bookings are already being made for the 20th of October gig (this time with Ross Nickerson from an American band X-Train, who are fans of The Mid North and will be playing with them), so if anyone is coming up this way around then, I suggest you book now. 

Mitch Brown (a friend of Scott's who he met at Harrietville), wooed the crowd with his beautiful voice, killer songs and long locks.

Such big yawns, such a little body, yet still he remained focussed and totally alert throughout, until it was all too much. Love that post yawn face. 


* Film quality not that great as I hadn't planned on filming and didn't get a chance to reset my settings, sorry but it does give you a pretty good idea of the night = awesome fun. 

Oh and p.s how hot did Scott look in that waistcoat, oh my. 

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  1. hello friend, where do the days go? I have been meaning to comment here since tuesday. Ilo could not be any cuter if he tried!! Those two photos side by side are just the cutest. Looks like another fun and rollicking night. One fine day we will get to see your man and his band in action. Happy week to you all xx


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