Wednesday 22 August 2012

slowly slowly part 1

As a wise and vocal reader suggested, it is okay to take things slow, to sit with my emotions (I am paraphrasing) and to share when and if I feel ready, so with those kind thoughts resting gently on me, I have decided to start slowly.
Flying into Sydney on a particularly blustery day I couldn't quite imagine the weekend ahead, how to fathom essentially two full days of time for me, being responsible for me, only being concerned as to whether I ate, whether I was kind to others and looked both ways before crossing the street. Surprisingly once the tugging of heart strings abated it was quite easy, some would say second nature, yet totally luxurious.
So luxurious that my first stop from the airport was Tempe Op Shop, ahh, to wander uninterrupted, save for the cyclonic winds crashing about outside, yipeee.
Then I was lovingly transported into the warm embraces of Tracey, Jenna (that gorgeous smiley one above), Vince and Remy, I have said it before and will continue to wax lyrical until I can speak no more but entering their home is pure comfort wrapped up in a blanket of love. We chatted, we drank, we ate a recently imported Wicked Winter (it travels very well) and then Tracey and I got all frocked up to head out on the town.
To an old favourite, Soffritto, and it did not disappoint, it was spectacular. But I guess I could have been eating a three day old falafel and it still would have tasted pretty good after all, I was surrounded and totally loved up by three amazing humans, who I hold so snuggly against my heart, secure and full of joy, Jen, Ruth and Tracey. It was everything I could imagine, warm,  full of love, entertainment, ease and delight.
Their love provides me with so much, it creates such a strong foundation within me, and they, they know me so well, all of me, yet love me with all their hearts.



I awoke early Saturday morning on the bottom bunk in Jenna's room, disappointed to be awake so early, I soon was able to relish in the freedom to doze. Once my feet started to get restless I snuggled up on the lounge with Remy as he got me up to speed on the Olympics, starting with the synchronised swimming, which just happened to be showing at the time.
Once Ruth released me from the beautiful grasp of Tracey we headed to The Cornersmith for deliciousness of all kinds, deliciousness and precious one on one chats with Ruth followed then by shopping on King Street, Newtown, yes seriously. Walking at a relaxed pace, stopping, browsing, it wasn't particularly successful but it was a delightful novelty.

And then look who we found along King Street, none other than this beautiful man Cam with the fabulous Edie and marvellous Oscar. How great is that bike, pretty awesome and it gets better, Ruth can fit on as well, who needs a family car, I say.

And home to share beeswax delights and be entertained by super hooping skills (we got the hoop for Edie from the beautiful Bell, yes it was very tricky to post).

and now to step back. more to come soon lovely ones.

I feel very thankful and grateful of such a weekend, thankful of namely Scott, Poe and Ilo but also of Rod who generously flew me down on some of his excess frequent flyer points, oh my. 


  1. I've always loved flying if mostly for the fact that it actually scares me so much, but in a way through my fright I reach this really beautiful place, being above the clouds and above my fear. That bike with its many seats is amazing, reminds me nostalgically of Mongolian motorbike families!

    1. Hi Jesi,
      I am actually an awful flyer, gripping the hand rests and trying to put on the 'brakes' by discreetly pushing my feet into the ground, hmmm. But this trip I was okay, even with the crazy winds, not sure why exactly.
      Yes the bike is beautiful and the idea of a western family on one bike a beautiful novelty. I love that in places like Mongolia where there are motorbike families you even see mothers breastfeeding and toileting their children. wonderful.

  2. oh I love seeing your photos of people and places I know - its so exciting to see them through your creative camera eye. So beautiful. I am so grateful for the weekend - it was like an extra boost to help me last until we see you again.

    love you!

  3. Sounds wonderful Jay. Loved too seeing those beautiful photos. The tearing at the heart strings when we leave our babes, I wonder to myself sometimes at what age does that ease? I am yet to spend a night away from Sol and he is almost 3! And then I have some friends who go overseas without their small children, it works for them but for me I can't imagine!!!
    btw if you have visited recently at my blog, my comments have disappeared for a moment while my designer/technological person sorts out the spam overload...oh how I am missing my blogspot space! Was much much easier. Ce la vie xx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx