Wednesday 29 August 2012

Happy Birthday beautiful

Oh little one, I cannot quite believe that you are three, so big yet still so little. Oh my heart sings when I see the delight in your face as you experience life. I love the way you so easily think of solutions to things "I know why don't we just........" and they are often totally reasonable and considered. You show so much kindness and love to others and foster such beautiful friendships with big and little people. You love to have chats with those you know and love yet you are just at ease randomly greet ing people as you walk around town. I love seeing how quick people are to smile when you are around, you share so much. Poe particularly marvels at this talent and still can't quite understand exactly why you would talk to people you 'don't even know'.

I love seeing the ease in which you approach music, it surrounds you and you have embraced it in such an effortless way, who knows where you will go with this, if anywhere at all, but I look forward to the journey. 

As parents you have also challenged us with your determination and spiritedness, this passion and strength will most probably hold you steady as an adult but as a three year old it must be a bit tough at times (for all involved). Sometimes I watch you as you sleep and wonder how so much personality comes from such a small body. 

Happy Birthday dear Ilo, oh what an amazing little being you are, we love and cherish you so.

You may remember the popcorn box from this post, we loved them so much we bought six of them, sans popcorn. 

We had four friends (Sidney, of course, Ziggy, Ginger and Peppa) over for Ilo's Birthday, it was a perfect number, due in part to the fact I was feeling quite drained but mostly because that was all he wanted, all he needed. He also had two very special guests, my mum and dad, oh the love and energy that they give to Poe and Ilo is a thing of beauty. Poe and Ilo, lap up their attention and adore being with them (seeing this reminds me of our distance and what we are all missing out on, on a regular basis). 

We made Jude's coconut and vanilla cupcakes (dairy free version), using Coyo, due to the snottiness at home. They are so delicious, Poe has nominated the chocolate version for his birthday cake, full of goodness and deliciousness. 

Oh the love, oh the humour, 'I've got your nose' a classic grandparent moment.

Sweet one, the love, enthusiasm and joy he showed for Ilo throughout his day (and most days) was so precious, genuine and beautiful.

Poe also shows the same love for Peppa, he is so patient and understanding with her (she is 4 months younger than Ilo) and always includes her when she visits. 

After some chats a while ago Ilo decided that when he turned three he would no longer have booba (he was just having the night feed to sleep), in the lead up he would say "Mumma, I promise that I will never have booba once I turn three, am I three yet?" he would then commence feeding. On the night he turned three he declared "oh yeah, no booba" and then just went for the gentle caress ("I just want to touch something warm and soft") and only one little hrumph and that's it. I can't quite believe it, it didn't really sink in til a few days later, I felt that mixture of sadness but then also a feeling of it being right. Meanwhile my left breast (the last boob standing) is still experiencing  those tingly let down sensations, ah breastfeeding, thank you for a beautiful journey and for providing so much warmth and love to these two little ones (oh and one other special little one, who was lucky enough to have a few mumma's sharing their love).


  1. I did say I was looking forward to your next post and what a beauty it is! Your beautiful ones. I smiled so much at your description of Ilo, it seems your Ilo and my Sol have a number of character traits in common. Sol too has sweetness and light in equal measure with spiritedness and determination, it all adds up to personality plus! Oh and the breast feeding. I have started talking to Sol about stopping 'mim' as he calls it (he wakes at least twice every night plus going to sleep and sometimes the afternoon too!!) and I have told him he's getting to be a big boy like River and that giving him mim all the time makes mummy very tired. He laughs and chuckles all at once and tells me 'no it doesn't'. Hmmmm. He turns three on november 30. His mim days are numbered! I re-read your last sentence three times...did you feed someone else's baby? or am I just not making sense of that? This has turned into a very long comment sorry about that! A beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it xx

  2. oh how i love rambling lovely comments, bring them on i say. Sorry for the intrigue, myself and a couple of other lucky mumma's were able to donate some of our breast milk to a dear dear friends baby as unfortunately she was not able to feed him, it was very special. good luck with Sol and the mim, i loved that he just laughed at you, laughed like you were some kind of crazy person!

  3. Beautiful Birthday boy...beautiful family and beautifully written post Jay! Happy Birthday Ilo xx


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