Tuesday 7 August 2012

what an adventure

As we drove into the Macksville Showground, we drew Poe's attention to the Big Top ahead, "what does that look like Poe"? Eyes widen "a circus tent, can we look at it?" "sure" Poe: "We need tickets if we want to go in though", "We have tickets" "WHAT, really". Oh my goodness, we could not have asked for a better reaction, he was amazed that we tricked him, amazed and delighted. I wish I could have bottled the pure, unadulterated joy that he showed throughout the whole circus, he was nearly wetting himself with delight at the (admittedly low rent) clowns and at the trapeze, the juggling, the hula hooping. He was giggling with immense delight, so much so that people kept turning around to look at him and smile, he was also doing this very gorgeous little seat dance with his legs as he clapped and laughed. Honestly I spent most of the circus watching him, he was far more entertaining.
Yes, the circus was decidedly average with the first half consisting of the silks, then the average clowns and then some rope work (pretty much the same as the silks but with ropes) and then the clowns and so on. The second half was a bit more varied with juggling and hooping but still. We were all also gobsmacked by the excessive and frantic consumption of sugar going on around us, Poe asked at one point "why are all these children eating so much sugar", there was fairy floss, bags of lollies and cans of coke a gogo, we had definitely stepped out of our Bellingen bubble.
But overall it was amazing, amazing because of Poe's reaction and absolute love, love that he had been tricked and the joy he experienced at the circus. The next morning as he snuggled into bed with me, he started laughing, "Oh Mumma, I am just thinking about the circus".
Ilo enjoyed the circus but was a little scared at the beginning, after a few, "I want to go home", he settled in and enjoyed.

 These are the three pieces I made to fill in the wall space for the Energy Fest thank you party, the party was pretty low key but really lovely, full of warming soup and great music (see below). Ilo played the whole set with the band, he decided beforehand and hung out with them til they started and then he just sat there, tapping his foot, playing and singing along, totally relaxed and oblivious to the looks of delight of everyone as they watched him play. Poe was really impressed "I was really nervous for him, I can't believe he did that". I particularly loved how relaxed he was about it all and that he lasted the whole half hour set.


  1. Jay your photography on this post is particularly gorgeous. I love the timelessness of circus and the awe and wonder it inspires in children (and their parents!). Thanks for your comments over on my blog. This year for my birthday we will be in Byron! Yay I am looking forward to that. Nice to know your birthdate too, are you more Virgo or Libran? or perhaps a mix of both... Again, love those photos! x

    1. Thanks lovely one, such beautiful words, I didn't quite realise the gold until i uploaded. Oh you will have a lovely time up north for your birthday, how special. xxx


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