Thursday 9 August 2012

Napkins ready?*

Some meals to drool over and keep you occupied whilst I hop on a plane and head to Sydney solo for a couple of days, three days and two nights to be precise, woohoo and eek. Such great lengths; boarding a plane and leaving my loved ones calls for two whole sleeps demands either an emergency or an extra special occasion, luckily it is a very special occasion; the celebration of my beautiful and wonderful friend Jen's birthday (yes it was a few weeks ago but fortunately we get to celebrate again). The weekend is looking pretty perfect with dinner with Jen, Ruth and Tracey (I know, how awesome is that) on Friday night, a sleepover at Tracey's on Friday, a bonus extra special Ruth time Saturday morning and then to Jen's for a special dinner cooked by Rod, oh my goodness, I think my cup may very well be overflowing when i return on Sunday.
Again, it will be hard, unusual and a bit heart breaking to leave Poe and Ilo (in particular), Scott does have a whole lot of awesomely fun things planned and I know they will be fine but my heart strings do tug quite a bit, despite my absolute excitement.
I have, as predicted, crafted Jen a few little gifts but understandably I cannot share until I have given them to her, so stay tuned.

The pictures above were taken by me and loved up by my sister Suriya  (she has a wicked winter coming her way, if she ever gets up here for a decent visit, hint hint), are some of the food pics I have started taking for No. 5, yes they are as delicious as they look (Nikki, am working on getting that recipe). When I say delicious as they look, they are actually more delicious, I have no idea really about food photography but am enjoying learning, I am endlessly inspired by this immensely popular and mouth watering gorgeous food blog.  I have also decided (in a last minute, early morning post update) decided to add the untouched photos (same as above) to see what you think but as very few of you actually comment on this blog (I know you are out there people, I see the stats), for you to quietly observe whilst sitting on your hands. I liked the treatment Suriya put on the images but I was also quite happy with the original pics as well. Now to decide.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. xx
*this is an updated version of this post


  1. Hi Jay, you are really on to something here - they are great shots! I liked seeing the 'before' & 'after'. I have only recently started 'enhancing' the colours etc' on photos on my blog and do feel slightly 'dishonest'. Your blog readers are like mine, quiet observers :) come on ladies (and gentlemen who are there) leave a comment or two for the lovely Jay and her many talents. Meeting readers adds to the fun of blogging xx

  2. How lucky are we to have tried that amazing raw chocolate cake - I was amazed that you brought a piece all the way down to Sydney - what self control! As a kid mum and I would go to China Town and get boiled chicken (the ones that hang in the window) and she'd manage to eat it on the way home in the car with her fingers, whilst driving, with the dip and grease and all!

    What a beautiful weekend we had - I feel so overwhelmingly lucky to have had Jay's company. Thank you Scott, Poe and Ilo. While she was here my heart was aching for you and I felt guilty having taken her form you. I'm picturing the reuniting hugs at the airport.

    Glad you got to practice your food photography on Rod's scrumptious meal - can't wait to see them.

    big hugs and love



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