Tuesday 31 July 2012

an energy fest indeed

Heralded by many as the best Bellingen Energy Festival yet, I for one would not disagree. On a personal level it was so wonderful to see the hard work and the vision that we from  The Workshop talked about come to fruition, the exhibition space, as you can see, was stunning, filled with so many beautiful objects it definitely entranced people as soon as they walked in. Check out that amazing shark carved out of a Camphor Laurel log by Thomas, and the stunning bull head by the immensely talented Nick, as mentioned previously somewhere on this blog. It really was an honour to be part of this group, I felt very proud of all that we had done, especially the mammoth effort of Soli and Nick.
As I was mostly in the exhibition space, I didn't really get to listen to all the wonderfully inspiring talks that were happening around but I did love my sneak peeks at overflowing tents, standing ovations, smiling faces, kids making beautiful objects out of junk, seed planting and people riding around on pushbikes that had pushmowers on the front, ingenious. This is kind of like the Bellingen Show for the Bellingen of the now and the future, a festival for a sustainable future. 
The beautiful Bob Brown, who welled many a heart as he wandered around the festival and inspired with his packed out sessions. 
 A beautiful addition to The Mid North's usual lineup.He also caused many a heart well.
Wonderfully by the time I had got to the exhibition, about 9.30am (it opened at 9am) all my three pieces had sold, woohooo. However a couple of nights ago I found out that the organisers of the festival have decided to have an 'after' party in the exhibition space this Friday night so I am frantically trying to think up and sew up a few more works to fill that empty space, pretty daunting but pretty exciting nevertheless.


  1. If you're trying to sell Bellengin to the rest of us you're doing a dam fine job!

    We had the immense pleasure of having Jo Field's company over the last 2 weekends so there was much talk of the amazing community and happenings up there. Really pulled my heart strings. Jo also delighted in seeing all your beautiful artworks adorning our house.

    You sold your pieces in 30 minutes - fantastic! And that photo of Ilo - oh my - and his hair cut. I just want to squeeze him.

    Miss you ALL so much - but seeing YOU soon! Yay!

    1. ah ha, yes you have figured out our cunning plan, years in the making. So lovely to hear that you had a gorgeous time with Jo, Scott caught up with her yesterday for a group catch up and loved it, our dinner plans are edging closer.
      Thanks for your love and support beautiful one. Poe and Ilo have been talking about you all A LOT, not sure when a group Sydney visit is happening but cannot wait to see you next weekend. mwah. xxxx


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