Wednesday 11 July 2012

popping in


Hello there, we are back from our lovely trip to Mullumbimby, and right back into the swing of things, but first Mullum and Bimby (thank you Ilo). Staying with my aunt Patma was so easy, she adores Poe and Ilo and they feel the same way about her, which basically meant sleep ins for Scott and I and lots of laughing and craziness. We ate lots of Milk and Honey pizza (best pizza ever, yes ever and they also do a mind blowing chocolate mousse), checked out the growers market, which was full of interesting and delightful local produce such as tempeh made with fava beans, a sprout stall and a brown rice sushi stall that included tempura pumpkin and goats cheese (Nikki, are you reading this?), searched through op shops and garage sales with limited success, caught up with another aunt and cousins, ate scrumptious organic donuts (two words that are rarely placed side by side) at Brunswick Markets and had loads of cups of tea. It was a lovely little break.
Just a couple of days after we returned we celebrated Ziggy's 7th Birthday, which was also lots of fun and then my mum and dad came up for a couple of days. Yes only a couple of days, nowhere near enough but they will be back in August for Ilo's birthday. As always it was so great seeing my mum and dad, they have so much love and energy to give to Poe and Ilo, you can see them beaming with adoration, beautiful. Both Poe and Ilo wanted to go with them back down to the Coast and all today, after they left this morning, they have both been lamenting the fact that they aren't here with us (so was I).
Tonight before reading books, Poe, Ilo and I had a talk about their upcoming birthdays, Ilo upon asking what he would like for his birthday answered "a book and a perfect apple with no holes in it and another perfect apple to give to Sidney for her birthday and a Bally, Bally, Bally, Bally (i then intervened "Ballet?") yes a Ballet skirt in red". Poe meanwhile was getting excited about a torch and a detective kit with a notepad and magnifying glass. 
Two more sleeps until the Pop up Shop, woohoo and eek. Bell and I definitely have fears of sitting in the space by ourselves as the clothes gather dust and spiders find some new homes. But I have stifled such thoughts and after a little panic today managed to sew a whole heap of new items, which has been fun, including some tops that are orange and white striped with, wait for it, cherries on them (thanks Mum). So hopefully I will sell some stuff but leave enough for the markets next week and some for the Blue Caravan shop (it is looking a little empty, which is great but also not so great). 


  1. Oh Mullum and Bimby (too cute!) sounds wonderful - I can just picture you all hanging out together, basking in each others company. And I wish Phill and Pushba could have stayed longer - that's teasing, just a couple of days. Why not more? Isn't Phill cutting back on work?

    I'm sure the pop up will be a hit - its such a wonderful idea. And you can gather a contact list to notify people of the next one.

    Lily, Saul and I had lunch with mum and her 'cousin' today (another Omi called Susie - their families grew up together). Susie may have some tablecloths for you. She loved the idea of up-cycling which came up as we were talking about people's resourcefulness during the war. Fingers crossed for a good stash!

    love you


    1. hello beautiful, ooh a tablecloth stash, how exciting. Phil brought up a few amazing ones sourced by a friend of his, I love that so many people are contributing to the pieces, beautiful. love you

  2. I'll keep spreading the word. Hope tomorrow is a raging success!

  3. Hello lovely Jay, yes finally I am reading this after a few days offline. Your pics and story of Mullum & Bimby :), Brunswick Market organic donuts (!) made me homesick for our second home. The tree photo is beautiful, and what a gorgeous gaggle of children. We too are talking birthdays here with River's coming up on the 29th july, he is turning 6. Learning magic tricks are on his wishlist, as is er...a spiderman cake. Spiderman. How did that happen. Happy Pop Up shop today. xx talk soon. yes talk :)


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx