Wednesday 4 July 2012


On Monday, Poe, Ilo and I headed to the beach, stopping briefly into Kombu for supplies we ran into some friends (which you do the minute you step out the door in Bellingen), they too were headed to the beach, buoyed by this news I went to tell Poe and Ilo, initially they both reacted with excitement, these friends are pretty lovely, but then Poe stopped and said 'actually I think I need some quiet time at the beach, I would like to just explore, dig and have some time with you and Ilo'. I felt so proud of him, identifying what he needed and communicating it so beautifully. And the beach was wonderful, so invigorating yet calming, so much fun. 
We have been having such a beautiful holiday, our mornings often start with all four of us in bed, laughing, hiding, telling jokes or dreams. Yesterday Poe came into our room and gave Ilo (he always comes in with something for Ilo) a 'yoga mat' they then hopped out of bed and did some 'yoga' in the loungeroom, then somehow ended up bring us plates and plates of oranges and mandarins as our breakfast in bed. 

Last night we were invited to Rick and Eli's paddock to share food, a fire and a moon viewing. Considering we were heading to a -2 degrees morning, we were very rugged up. It was a lovely and easy evening, it was particularly beautiful watching all the children run around with torches and then as the moon started to rise the children came closer to the fire and just sat (all of them) and listened as the adults chatted, about everything from the ridiculous; Rick Astley and Aqua, to matters of the heart, namely Cordelia Fine and the recent Radio National GOMA talk.  And then tiredness set in and we scuttled off home.
Sunlight streaming into our room in the morning, it is particularly hard to leave this space in the morning and it continues to beckon throughout the day.
We are off to Mullumbimby tomorrow morning (after yoga, of course) to visit my aunt for a couple of days, we can't wait. In the meantime, check out the trailer for Big Easy Express, oh my goodness, Scott and I watched this movie the other day, so amazing and infectious, would have loved to have been on that train (Scott did tear up a little, it is definitely stunningly beautiful and emotive, the songs, the energy, oh my).

Big Easy Express Official Trailer from S2BN Films on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful photos again Jay, beach, fire and moonlight all sound wonderful. And Mullumbimby too, or Bimby as River used to call it when he was 2. We will be there late September. Can't wait! Have a great trip. xx

  2. Big Easy Express looks amazing - Rod and I will watch it on our next movie night. I can see why Scott would be blown away by it.

    I love that Poe said that he just wanted some you and Ilo time. I keep thinking of him being at school for 5 days - such a long time away from you. Saul has been doing 4.5 days one week and 4 days the next and it's so lovely to have our hanging out day. We've had lunch with mum a few times - this one -on-one hang out time feels like such a treat.

    love Jen


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