Sunday 1 July 2012

ah nuts

Upon uploading photos for this post, I did pause, albeit briefly, and wondered if there was such a thing as too many photos of tamari almonds roasting in a pan. As you have probably gathered I dismissed that ridiculous thought quite quickly, hence the inordinate pictures of said nuts. The almonds were a little snack crafted by the beautiful Jack (Nicole's eldest son) as we busied ourselves at their working bee (oh how we love tamari almonds).
The old sandpit's frame put to a wonderful new use
 My first Blue Caravan order before being sent out. I was lucky enough to have the beautiful and amazing Jodi as my first customer (woohoo), if you missed seeing 'Finn', the top she bought,  go have a look at her blog and you can have a peek there.

Hold onto those reproductive organs people, this new little human is Elsie and as you can probably tell, she is totally awesome and so gorgeous. The lucky parents are Robin and Stewart who stayed a couple of days in Bellingen on their way up North, so lovely to hang out with this beautiful new family.
Poe has already been on holidays for a week and it has been oh so wonderful, I love having him home with us and getting to delight in his company. He was getting quite tired and a little worn out heading to the end of term, so it's been great to see him relax and just enjoy the gentle rhythm of our day.

This weekend marks a year since we moved to Bellingen, obviously I have been reflecting on this quite a bit, all that has changed, what has grown, what we have lost. It has been a delightful year but also one of the hardest in my life (big call but very true), so full of emotion, a lot of which was (is) very hard and sad.
But even with all that has happened (including all the bits I wish I could erase) I am so happy that we are living here, that we are part of this beautiful community and are delighting in exploring ourselves, challenging who we are and what our lives are like. I love that Scott and I are both available to our children, to ourselves and to each other.
That is all the reflecting I am willing to share at the moment but be warned there may be more random reflections throughout the week.


  1. I can see why you posted 3 photos of the nuts, they are beautiful photos! And I do love your humour Jay - 'hang on to your reproductive organs folks' made me laugh especially because as soon as I saw the photo of that gorgeous babe I thought 'ooooh how gorgeous are you?!' A lovely honest post with all the layers of what's happening for you. Moving is big! Go gently xx

  2. oh thank you, lovely you. such kind and beautiful words.


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx