Thursday 12 July 2012

these guys

These little people, the doll versions of The Mid North,  have been in our lives for a while now, made by the immensely talented Pepper Stitches, the film clip which they were commissioned for is nearly ready, and we are really excited, it is looking great, I can't wait to share it with you. We did the photo shoot above when we realised Scott needed a band picture for a poster for these people and we had no band shots, so after looking at some very average shots of Scott and a blurry band or an overexposed pic of the band on the back of a truck, we gazed over to our little peeps and what do you know, instant band shot, totally awesome. 
Yes, I know there is only one more sleep until the Pop Up and I shouldn't be dawdling over here in blogland but I think all is under control, despite having nothing tagged (I have visions of doing at a leisurely pace in the morning) and the shop basically still looking exactly like a workshop space, I feel quite calm, in an understated excited kind of way. I have actually just been running about town in a covert chalking operation with Bell and thought I would pop (it's amazing how often that word has smuggled itself into by vocabulary of late) a post in before I head to bed and lie there thinking about all the things I forgot to do. After the Pop Up, Bell and I will be carting our weary or totally adrenaline pumped bodies to an Alter Ego party in Kalang, hmmm, alter ego eh, hmmmm, might need to brainstorm that tomorrow. Stay tuned. xxx

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  1. Oh its so fantastic to see the whole band together - they are as gorgeous as ever! Can't wait to hear them play. Love that they will be on the poster - but of course!



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