Tuesday 24 July 2012


On Friday night the lovely Ellie and I headed to our favourite local haunt, yep you guessed it, No. 5 Church St, a lot of stuff sure happens in this space. On Friday night we were lucky enough to be entertained by Brett Lee, a local muso, and The Rescue Ships from Sydney (and Canada), they were so much fun (and Elana Stone is totally gorgeous, check out her frock as well, oh my). Here are a couple of pics from the night, there are more over here on the No. 5 Facebook page, where more of my photos will be appearing. Unfortunately as it was a late night I was a little weary for the markets on Saturday, due to the weather and something in the air the market ended up being kind of quiet, which meant that i didn't have to heave myself out of my low slung chair too often. 

In an act of madness and necessity I did however stay up late again on Saturday night trying to meet the deadline for the 'Wrong way go Forward' exhibition that The Workshop is doing for this Saturday's Energy Festival. Quite excited about it all, now that the work has been done, should be a great day with loads of interesting stuff and talks happening. 

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  1. The Rescue ships are lovely...we saw them last year and thoroughly enjoyed :) Went to the Shins last night which was fab as well. You guys look like you are very busy - fun busy! All good here, fun busy too...love lots x

    PS...Tara B had a little girl last night :) lots of new babes down here which is just lovely!


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