Sunday 22 July 2012

a sign of spring

When my Mum was up last she gifted me with a preciously beautiful tablecloth, made out of a crumply soft linen and embroidered with these bright daffodils, as soon as I caught sight of it I could feel my neck start to spasm and my left eye twitch, I couldn't wait to create. Inspired by Annie's amazing boleros and an old silk top of mine I made this little number. Yes it is rainy and grey today and only a very lovely fool would wear such a thing today but we have been surrounded in days of loveliness and this works so well with all matter of sleeve. I also plan to make a few similar tops patched together with doily and lace, I can see it in my mind, hopefully the vision will be as pretty. 

Thanks to Anne, this little number has now been spoken for.


  1. Oh my how gorgeous is that?! Are you selling that one? There may be a bidding war! xx
    ps love the sound of Poe's culinary talents too, especially the citrus, cinnamon, acv drink I'll be trying that

  2. That is a very pretty top and definitely makes me think of spring!

  3. Thank you, you lovely ones, i am a bit in love with it too. Nikki, yes i am selling it (against Woo's advice), have also had an email from another reader about it, you may be right, there may indeed be a bidding war. xxx

  4. oh that lucky buyer - I may just get to see it in person :-)

    Totally gorgeous - I'd love to watch you transform a table cloth. Just amazing.


  5. That is very pretty indeed!!! You are a clever one!!


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