Sunday 2 October 2011

birthday treats

the most beautiful purse ever,  lovingly made by my mum
As you have probably guessed I love crafting, I love handmade goodness, it warms my heart, it inspires me and it gives me hope that our world just won't end in shit, crumpled in a poisonous ball of excess and consumerism (for more check this out, Annie has said it all for me). Anyhoo, whenever a birthday or festive occasion comes our way we handcraft and we encourage others to do so as well. Whenever I receive anything handmade or hand sought (op shopped), I feel so much love; love from the time, love from the effort, the process, love that comes with the intent.

handmade shorts from Wabi Sabi, a local handcraft shop in Bellingen, from Scott, Poe and Ilo

A week or so ago I had a birthday, it was a birthday that was cloaked in all sorts of loveliness. Firstly we celebrated with my beautiful family, in a place where we have been dreaming about for years, along with my nearest and dearest friends, feasting on delicious treats, being showered in unbelievably amazing gifts and receiving copious amounts of love and affection from all those around me.

these amazing mugs from Scott, Poe and Ilo
so delicious
The day started with gifts (ah the delight Poe and Ilo showed as I read their cards and unwrapped their presents was just precious) followed by an amazing breakfast dream come true of shakshuka (cooked by Genevieve that has to be eaten to be believed) then a leisurely time spent at Vintage Espresso with Ilo and Scott (Poe was at preschool) where I purchased these awesome second-hand 70's overalls.

the overalls, a new look, hmmm. 
The day was then completed by more hanging out and hugging with all my lovelies and then a very delightful curry night complete with a variety of beverages and then once the kids were in bed, an awesome chocolate mousse cake cooked (again) by Genevieve. Spoilt rotten.

One favourite moment of my day was when Scott presented me with a beer (okay a shandy, as a long term breastfeeder my match fitness with beer is way down) and said
"35 today"
Jay: thinking, hmmm wasn't that hot was it, looking blankly at Scott.
Scott: "35 today"
Jay: "What"
Scott" "Your birthday, today, you are 35, today"
Jay: "Oh yeah".
I am not in denial, I guess I just hadn't processed the number yet.

Check out this amazing new bird wardrobe from the immensely talented Annie (you may remember her from nearly every post!). Not to mention this crazily beautiful "hot water bottle cover", two stunning old paintings, and a well loved dress. Showered, I tell you.

yes the owl is hand embroidered
this fabric i have been dreaming about for a very long time     

the most amazing bolero ever     

her talent knows no bounds

to say it is a hot water cover seems to detract from the fact that this is a piece of art

 Jen, Rod, Lily and Saul arrived on the Friday after my birthday, the same day Annie, Genevieve, Olive and Oscar left. More showering in love, it is so wonderful having our dear dear ones coming and spending such a wonderful time with us. Check out this amazing craftiness from Jen, so amazing. I love that the birds are able to leave their nests and have a fly around. 

I love that it is similar to something I would make, but now I get to have this adorning my own walls. 
so wonderful

And as the post arrived the following week, the gorgeousness continues.

a stunning piece from Suriya

an inspirational book from the lovely Ruth

And today the love continued as Jen and the kids flew back to Sydney, Vince, Tracey, Remy and Jenna arrived. Ah so wonderful, as each family arrives it's like a breath of freshness into our home (so, no, not feeling totally shattered yet). Tracey collected a beautiful wide basket and filled it with op shopped goodies (stunning doilies), chocolate, tea, threads and a jug that could also be a vase. So much love, so much beautiful intent.

Moving away from dear friends has been hard but visits like the ones we have been having definitely make it work. To luxuriate in time, in the rhythms of the day, in the preparing food and in the caring for the kids. Rather than the snippets of time that we used to get. It isn't the day to day but hopefully it will become about quality rather than quantity. But as I write this there is also the recognition that unfortunately without intent some relationships will just slip by the wayside. For me, a connected stream of communication is definitely needed to make all these long distance relationships work.
Thank you to my dear friends and wonderful family for making my birthday so very special even though I live further away than i used to. As I said, I feel totally lucky and amazingly blessed to be surrounded by the likes of you all. I definitely feel very loved.


  1. That owl is seriously just freaking crazy. INSANE! I can't believe it. I'd love to see an up close detail photo too if you can manage it.

    And Jen has definitely made you something that I could see you making for someone else - what a true friend that is! Wow, you are one lucky, spoilt woman.

    ps - Suriya's candle holder...oh my god..I seriously love that piece, the colour is to die for.

  2. Oh that tree is amazing! All those tiny stitches, it's too much!Annie and I can't stop talking about the gorgesoubness of the tree.. mucho loveo xxx

  3. i know, the tree is insane, the colours, the tiny birds, the tiny stitches. so much love to you


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