Monday 10 October 2011

no 5 Church St

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Since we arrived we have been walking past this building, nestled amongst other cafes it was cloaked mysteriously with heavy curtains, offering no clue as to what was inside. Then a week before Global Carnival a sign appeared in the window, "Open for Global Carnival", oh my goodness, I was pretty excited.
Now based on my excitement,  I should have been counting down the days and waiting anxiously at the door but I wasn't, I had guests to entertain. So you can imagine my surprise after stocking up on a bag full of goodies from Hearthfire for a picnic by the river, I should come across No. 5 Church St open and beckoning me. Oh I was tempted, but alas I had goods to deliver, I did manage to quickly step inside, glanced around and at the menu and made a promise to myself to come back the following day.

And we did and it definitely didn't disappoint. The venue is pretty stunning with it's large windows, high ceilings and light. For the weekend of Global Carnival they had a pretty simple but totally delicious menu, partnered with beverages such as honey lemonade (with paper straws no less), chai and locally brewed beer. 
Unfortunately it has closed for a few weeks while the owners pack up their things in Sydney and head our way, but I am really excited about early dinners there accompanied by an ale or two (for some people), either before or after a swim in the river (safety wise i would say before, but hey i'm not making the rules).

Now even though there isn't a dearth of fine cafes in Bellingen, I am really excited that this cafe sources all of it's produce from "local organic and ethically responsible growers, with a focus on fresh quality harvest, prepared with simplicity, creativity and inspiration". I mean, how good does "Urunga fish curry w/leafy salsa, lemon chili yoghurt and bush fruit chutney" sound. And they will also be using the space to do community stuff as well like gatherings, film screenings, art exhibitions and more. Now coming from Sydney where there is definitely a plethora of cafes, I feel like there really aren't many doing this kind of thing. How great that it is happening here. Oh and hot chips sidling alongside chickpeas and eggs, again do I need to mention the locally brewed ales and wines. Excited I am.

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