Monday 24 October 2011

a day

Just a day, a day full of glitter, dress-ups, dancing, digging and baths. This is how we recovered after the weekend away in Port Macquarie (yes, I am still a week behind).  

We now have a bath, Scott has been talking about it for a while now and then managed to pick one up at the secondhand shop. As we are renting we aren't about to start renovating the bathroom so the bath is outside. There is something so surprisingly wonderful about seeing the sky whilst being in a bath, so far my skies have only been blue but I can't wait for a sky full of stars.

As lovely as the day was, I am pretty sure it ended in tears, sometimes too much fun is just too much.


  1. Oh love the outside bath! Always wanted to have one of those, how luxurious! I keep thinking of Pamela Allen's Mr Archimedes Bath, have you read that?

    That last photo is my favourite, just too cute.

  2. An outside bath sounds absolutely wonderful...I can just imagine the joy...xx

    Oohh...and yay to being able to post a comment!

  3. Outside baths ROCK! Especially under a stary night sky. I hope you get to enjoy that soon Jay.


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