Saturday 22 October 2011

the circus and the whales

Last weekend we journeyed to Port Macquarie to see Circus Oz and oh my goodness, it was absolutely and utterly amazing. We have seen and loved Circus Oz before and I am sure we will continue to love them forever more. Have you seen them before? If not you must, I hear they are visiting Sydney in January. This is not just a circus for kids, it is for everyone, the performers are seriously cool, extremely clever and super inspiring. 

This is the type of circus where you would encourage your child to runaway and join it. Poe was in absolute delight the whole time, he laughed, he slapped his knees, his eyes sparkled, he gazed in awe, I was torn between watching him and watching the greatness unfolding in front of me. Ilo on the other hand, heard, saw and said "Booba", he nestled in, he put my hand over his ear and then listened to me as I told him what was happening, he would look up, laugh, ask questions and then snuggle back into his safe space. 

We stayed at the Mercure, which Poe and Ilo loved, all the little things, the beds, the view, the desk for their very important work. 

Before the circus we stopped into a couple of op shops, as is our way, and Poe bought the Ernie for Ilo, as a late birthday present and because he was so adamant Ilo would just love it. Ilo awoke to Ernie (he was asleep on my shoulder) and was smitten, he immediately named him Manu (my brother) and professed his love and how Manu was his friend and how Ilo had to look after him. Manu then came to the circus with us and has been a very special part of our lives ever since. 

The sculpture walk was quite interesting with a recycling/waste theme. Drawing attention to how much waste is found on and in our coastal areas. Oh with regards to this, check out this beautiful and simple idea that a friend is putting out there. Simple ideas are very often the best.

The next morning we had breakfast at Lighthouse Beach and as we headed there we spied whales, yes, whales, could this weekend get any better? We went up to the Lighthouse and we saw at least seven and even heard them as they spouted from their blowholes. And as we glanced across the horizon we could see whales spotted here and there. Pretty magical, it was the most amount of whales I have seen in one go and the closest I have ever seen them. I particularly loved that when I rang mum (who loves whale watching) to tell her all about it, she was also whale watching on the coast. 

I only had my prime lens, so couldn't actually zoom, but at least these provide some kind of proof.


  1. Lookie at you - hotels, whales, shows - you may as well be in NYC! Where was the pool Ilo is in with Scott? Was that the hotel pool?\

    I've always wanted to see Circus Oz, but I'm going to take Harriet to Mary Poppins before it closes. Must. Buy. Tickets!

  2. Yeah, NYC, Port, much of a muchness really!!! Yeah, it was the hotel pool, totally great. Mary Poppins, oh my goodness, that is so exciting, we have had that free cd on repeat in our car for just too long now. But seriously Cass, January is months away (it's like next year!), definitely see Circus Oz, so amazing.

  3. Yes but the tickets to Mary Poppins will practically bankrupt you so Circus Oz 3 months away may be tough. Having said that the ticket prices for M.P are soooo worth it. OMG! It is amazing. A really perfect formative theatrical experience. I cried at all the amazing talent and the magic of the spectacle. Olive still talks about it and we still read the program every second day. Oscar dances and dances and dances to the CD. While we were watching the show I had a vision of a ten year old smiling tap dancing Oscar and it brought out some weird stage mother vibe in me... Oh but Circus Oz! Also a perfect formative experience... by the way, this is Genevieve not Annie xxx

  4. ok, so both are amazing, splurge now on Poppins and save your pennies for the Oz. We would have loved to have gone to Poppins but didn't get our act together before we left Sydney. Would love to see Oscar dancing and dancing to Poppins show tunes.


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