Wednesday 12 October 2011

the beginning

Before children and then for a while with children (but only on a part-time basis), I worked at Sydney University, within the Faculty of Arts doing such things as timetabling, result processing, handbook editing, career advising, internship organising and website maintenance. It definitely appealed to my structured and organised side and there was a bit of space for my creative side but I also knew that when I finished up at Sydney University I would be ready for something new.

Moving to Bellingen has introduced an openness to explore what I might like to do. And although I don't really know exactly what it may be I am really excited that I have the luxury of time (and the luxury of having a partner who already knows what he wants to do and does it really well) to sort things out.

I think I want to head in the direction of craft, but am so aware of the exceedingly high level of talent out there, my lack of skills with regards to sewing. You know things like machine sewing in straight lines, finishing off garments at a certain level through to working out patterns and all that kind of stuff - I can make things for myself, Poe and Ilo and an intimate few but really.... I also know how hard it is to make money from things you make (factoring time, materials and the creation of the idea). I do have a couple of ideas that I hope will work regardless of these boundaries but I guess only time will tell.

So with that in mind, my exciting and scary news is that a few weeks ago as I was pottering around in Wabi Sabi (a little shop in Bellingen that sells some really great handcrafted items from local designers) I happened to be wearing one of my headpieces that I make out of felt offcuts and Bella (one of the lovely people who run Wabi Sabi) expressed her love for the headpiece that I was wearing, we then got talking and she offered to have them in the shop (eek and yay). So I made up the following pieces and they really loved them, on the first day I think they sold three (albeit to Bella, another person who runs the shop and Amelia who runs the coffee shop across the way, but hey) I'm not actually sure whether they have sold any more since then but it has only been a couple of weeks. They take less than 20% commission which means they sell them for $22 and I get $18, which is awesome.






I just wanted to say that the first headpiece I sold was to the lovely Jessica from Newtown Community Chiropractic who commissioned one after seeing me wearing one every time I would take Ilo in for a session (it was Jessica who actually gave me the confidence and the idea that they could be sold).

Once I put these pieces into Wabi Sabi, Annie commissioned me to make one for her friend Louisa, normally Annie would handcraft something amazing but what with moving and all she asked me to create some amazing headpiece with a vegetable theme. As is the way with Annie and I, I had already been thinking along the fruit and veg theme (thinking back on the time I made felt fruit brooches for Christmas). I am really super happy with the headpiece.

My amazing and beautiful friend Ruth has also commissioned five pieces for Christmas. So it is a beginning and I am not sure how it will go or where I am headed but it is really exciting.

*thanks Jen, for the use of your beautiful head.xxxxx


  1. hey my hair is quite long these days and i wear headbands most days to keep my hair out of my face, i want one. Mostly i just have plain headbands bu i have one shibori style dyed crevatte that i use that my friend roz made me and its my Favourite but i need another that has some flair. SO i'll have to commission one also.

    Set up an online store!

    love to the gang

  2. Dex, that is so exciting, i can't wait to make you one. Any particular colours, shapes, influences, or any that you particularly like from above? i would love to see a pic of your one shibori style dyed crevatte headband. love to you too, when are you back in oz again?xxxxx

  3. i'm back, got last week, busy busy working.
    i'll visit on my way up to mums in november some time, and i'll brief you on headband stylez haahah

  4. great news, can't wait to see you. we will be on the coast from 16th-20th and then a brief trip to Sydney 21st-23rd November. So hopefully we will see you. love to you

  5. wow jay, so much to catch up on here. happiest (belated) day to sweet poe and me oh my these headbands are GORGEOUS!

    you seem to have settled in to your lovely new life and no doubt it's fuelling your beautiful x

  6. PS. I think you should encourage Annie to blog about the creation of her new home. How wonderful it would be to follow the journey x

  7. oh have no fear, plans are in place. selfishly, being so far away, i need to see the bega creation, every step of the way. the plans that are in place already are oh so exciting. can't wait to see where her inspiration leads you! best wishes to you on this beautiful


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx