Sunday 9 October 2011

Happy Birthday Poe

photo by Cass

On the 25th September our beautiful Poe Poe turned five. We had the house decorated with a variety of bunting and a special birthday table set out for him. After opening a couple of greatly treasured gifts, we sent him and Lily out to the cubby house in the guise of collecting tea cups for the party (really to happen upon the bike we got him for his birthday). We peered around the corner as he went in, he saw the bike and went "What", but then diligently collected the tea cups with Lily and came out, closing the door behind him. Oh my goodness, with such earnestness he said: 
"Mum, there were only two teacups there"
I replied "Anything else?"
"A bike"
"Whose bike do you think it is?"
"I didn't know if it was mine or not". Oh sweet thing. 

Poe has been dreaming of a fairy party for a long time now, he was also very certain as to what he would wear, choosing his own fabric and design, adamant that it had to have soft, floaty silk like fabric and then the tuille (hence the faux silk/satin top, oh my goodness, he knew it was perfect upon sighting it in spotlight). He was also adamant and concerned that everyone he invites, has to wear a fairy dress. In fact he was so concerned he nearly didn't invite one friend as he was concerned his friend wouldn't have any sparkly fairy clothes, I assured him that his parents would make him something or he could borrow one of our many fairy outfits.

Scott made a wonderful treasure hunt that had the kids running through the house, around the fairy ring, to the letterbox, along the verandah, in the cubbyhouse, and then finally searching for a special tree complete with a little fairy door. Beautifully the tree with the fairy door had a wonderful scattering of blossoms carpeting the surrounding grass.

The cake was a chocolate cake (yes the traditional berry banana cake has been replaced) from Jude's Wholefood for Children , yes it used a whole lot of organic Maple Syrup but oh my goodness, it was amazing. The icing was cream dyed pink with beetroot juice, super delicious. Note the following very intent and highly amusing cake eating. Oh, I just realised that there have already been a couple of highly glamourous pictures of the beautiful Scott but with no mention of his highly attractive attire. Well a few weeks before the party we were sitting outside and Poe was planning outfits, I was to wear a brown dress with a red head band with cut out white circles and be a mushroom (unfortunately said brown dress i was thinking of wearing is still packed away in a box somewhere, hence the floral number that I ended up wearing with Poe's approval, I was also wearing a rather fetching and highly cumbersome pair of
wings). Poe asked Scott if he had some red pants, Scott replied he
could easily make some, so Poe decided he could be a pixie but would need holes in his pants as Pixies always have holes in pants. The fluro vest and crown, well I think it was a bit of impromptu styling by Poe on the morning of the party. The lace gloves that adorned Scott's hands (look closely) as he read "Fairy Houses" in the teepee, well hmmm, I think Scott was responsible for that touch.

Oh if you haven't read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane, you should check it out, Poe loves that there are rules for building houses; only use things found in nature, don't use anything still living, etc. It is also wonderfully gender neutral, you can't actually tell whether it is a boy or girl on this adventure, which is totally awesome for everyone.


The day ended the same way most party days end, slowly, gently, a touch crazy but in this case we also had a very special rainbow.

Sweet darling Poe, I can't quite believe that you are five already. What a light you are in our lives, we love your mind, your imagination, the way you work things out, your utter kindness, love and compassion.

I love watching you with Ilo, the utter and pure love you have for him. The hugs and kisses that you shower him in are halted only by Ilo, if you had your way you would be quite happy sitting and hugging him and kissing him for hours on end. I love the way Ilo's face lights up every morning as you come into our room. You are such a wonderful big brother and although you do get a little bossy at times  you are so patient with Ilo, so understanding. This afternoon as you were taking turns being the mumma and the baby, made me just stop, listen, adore and delight. I see myself in you sometimes as you take on a mother hen approach to Ilo, getting a little nervous if he is too close to a pool, a road, an edge, any situation that is potentially dangerous for little people you step up and put yourself in front of Ilo or voice your concern to me, and even then you don't relax until we are in a safer place. You also understand what Ilo says more than anyone and when you interpret you say it so matter-of-factly.

Your special friend Sophie has travelled with us overseas, accompanied and participated with your swimming lessons, been a long time daily and nightly companion. However just before we made the move to Bellingen, Sophie tragically went missing, we searched everywhere, made countless phone calls and then finally came to the conclusion that she must have stayed behind at a park somewhere. We were all very sad and definitely felt her absence. However when we came back to Sydney for a visit, our dear friend Edie found Sophie having an extended game of hide and seek with some of her special friends. We are so lucky to have Sophie back in our lives. I love that so much of our craft, our op shopping, our days involve Sophie. Even Ilo when told something is too small for him suggests Sophie as the next recipient of said garment.

You are a wonderfully sensitive little person, you delight in nature, the wonder of the real and the fantastic. You have and use intuition, you are aware of your feelings and it is amazing and so great to see you naming and being in touch with your feelings and others at this early stage of your life.

performing Slumber Lake with Olive
always so much fun with Edie

Your dear, dear friends; Edie, Olive, Jenna, Saul, Harriet, Lily and Lulu. How I have enjoyed seeing your relationships grow; seeing you, Olive, Edie walking along, holding hands and chatting is a thing of pure beauty. The ease of these relationships inspire and delight you. And although we are all so much further away, we will do all we can to enable you all also grow up together. 

You also have two very special adult friends, Peeba (my mum, your grandma) and Dom. They both adore you and always have so much time and energy for you. To see them look at you with pure delight and love is so wonderful. You and Peeba spend lots of time reading and creating/crafting. You and Dom often spend the time in stitches, your humour is so similar. I know you adore both of them so and feel so nourished after spending time with them. 

You have a marvellous sense of humour and when you laugh and laugh and laugh, rolling around on the floor it is purely infectious. I love your imagined scenarios; when this happens, this will happen and then the people will say "What". Humour in the obscure.

Darling Poe Poe, I love that you know who you are. I love that you are indignant and confused by prejudices in society, particularly with regards to gender stereotypes, environmental vandalism, littering, healthy eating, organic food vs food sprayed with pesticides and gentle parenting.

Happy Birthday wonderful Poe, we love you so.

(what a massive post, very tired now and have not bothered to proof read, very sorry, but not sorry enough to read through)

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  1. What a post! Oh PoePoe, how we all miss you down here in Sydney Town. It sounds as though your fairy party was magical and beautiful (and so importantly, fashionably-fairy by all involved).

    Your present is (shamefully) still under construction by Harriet and I. We hope you will like it! We love you, miss you and also can't believe you are five! xx


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