Friday 21 October 2011

handmade bits

With so many posts about lovely friends I realised that I have neglected to include a few awesome pieces of handcrafted goodness that have been welcomed into our home. 

a selection of the beautiful handcrafted birthday gifts for Ilo and Poe
The hat that Annie made during her visit
partnered with that amazing bolero
and a long time favourite skirt, also by
pearl& elspeth

Dyed doilies for a special alteration job for Poe's
teacher, Paige. This was entirely out of my comfort
zone, but I had so much fun doing it.

much needed curtains in the guest (Peeba's) room

This was the packaging for Genevieve's/Pearls present. The idea for the Pearl is from here and I am seriously in love with it, I feel like doing this to everything. It is crazily simple and so much fun,  all you need are some pipe-cleaners and wool. I have already started using this technique for some Christmas decorations (oh yes, I have started, especially now we don't have our annual craft weekend, I have to be far more organised).

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