Friday 30 September 2011

beautiful friends

settling upon arrival

We were lucky enough to entice Annie, Genevieve, Olive and Oscar to come and visit us for a few days. WHAT you say, why is there even a need to "entice", well normally there isn't and our beloved ones are more than happy to flock this way, however the circumstances here were quite unusual.

ah dinner time

Our darling dear, dear, amazingly, unbelievable friends are also hightailing it out of Sydney. Yep to beautiful sunny Bega, they leave in less than 3 weeks and they have jobs to finish, a mountain of skirts to sew, boxes to pack, a home to rent, general child caring and more. They are following their dream of building a super awesome strawbale home (mini one first then followed by a slightly bigger one) with all the necessary eco not so mod-cons (including a house cow in the future, permaculture inspired swales, bees, fruit trees, the lot).

reading in the teepee

I love hearing and seeing and sharing their vision and we cannot wait until we can head down Bega way and get our hands dirty as I believe this may be the best house ever. Yes, ever. And this mighty claim is based largely on the amount of research these guys are doing, everything has been thought of in relation to least amount of impact and most return; solar passive design, windows galore on the north facing side, using recycled materials, through to using the earth from their block to create the floors in their home (see adobe flooring ), I rest my case.

kitchen love

So obviously you can tell what kind of friends these ones are, to drop all their crazy deadlines and sacrifice some of their precious time to be with us = freakin amazing.

annie assisting in some crafting
Our house definitely feels warmer and more right after having had them visit, i especially love that now they know where we are. We mostly hung at home; we cooked delicious feasts, we crafted a hat (Annie), some spiders and treasure bags, we drank, we played, we talked and talked and talked, we hugged, kissed, danced and laughed. I couldn't think of anything else I would rather do or anywhere I would rather be.

super cute crafty spider
I especially loved being able to kiss and cuddle Annie and Genevieve whenever I pleased, this is definitely not a practical option when we are many hundreds of kilometres away. So it felt pretty nourishing and oh so special, I feel like my cup has been filled.

dancing on the "weird green stuff" at the bowling club

Genevieve's sister Meg also came to visit, she had a course on at the same time in Coffs, it was lovely spending time with Megs as we usually just catch up at birthday parties, thanks Megs. By the way Megs is amazing with kids, they just adore her and she is so effortless around them and loves entering their worlds.
the beautiful oscar bosca
Olive and Poe slipped right into their awesomeness, their fairy adventures and their more recent Little House in the Big Wood adventures. These two have known each other since they were 9 months old when Annie and I met in Spotlight, we bonded over our babes cloth nappy bottoms and it has been love ever since. They both have a love for little things and I loved overhearing them talking about their little treasures, finding little treasures and in some cases swapping their treasures. Unfortunately we didn't get to eavesdrop on them as they were going to bed, well nowhere near as much as we used to, due to the layout of the house, and that is disappointing, the way they process the day together is just priceless.

to the river

for breakfast, no less

ah more love

dancing by the river

Fortuitously this wonderful bunch managed to organise their visit to coincide with my birthday, it was amazing, I felt showered in awesomeness, but more on that in the next post. 

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