Wednesday 14 September 2011

dog blanket?!

Can you seriously believe that this piece, that would have taken hours to create, this work of art, was found in an op shop dog blanket basket for a measly $2, yes, it is only a cot sized and it does need to have the backing replaced but still!! What was going on in the mind of the designated sorter,  usually volunteers at op shops are slightly senior but you would think that they would know the worth of such a piece and price it accordingly (by accordingly, I don't in any way mean the usual out of control pricing that the majority of op shops have now adopted).  Surely you can sense my bafflement, bafflement that even outweighs my absolute joy at finally owning such a piece (hmmm, no that is extreme, I do absolutely love this quilt) a wonderfully designed patchwork quilt, one which I can spend hours gazing upon, trying to choose which bit of awesome retro fabric is my favourite.

 Is it the tree, the deer, the trees, the lemon, actually there is no need to choose, I can just enjoy.

I found the quilt many months ago at a little op shop on the Central Coast that remains a veritable treasure trove, you remember those ones, where nothing has a price and you are always pleasantly surprised when it is time to pay (see I am torn, I love a bargain, but this quilt would still have been a bargain at five times the price) oh I do feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Ok, back to the quilt, the backing needed replacing and for some reason I stalled at the removal of it and took my sweet time in restoring it. Ah, and now I know why, this quilt was not meant to adorn a bed, it needed to be displayed in a more prominent manner where it's true beauty could shine. And I found the most perfect place; between our room and the guest room, where there is an unusual, but hugely fun and open for all types of play, window (the guest room is an enclosed verandah).
It had this wafty weird lacy transparent curtain and was begging for something more.......

I especially love the way it looks with the light shining through it, pretty magical. See there is always a reason for such extreme procrastination. Oh and have no fear this curtain is also able to return to it's original form; the quilt, in a matter of minutes. 
disclaimer: I did buy quite a few other things at the time of purchasing the quilt, umm, obviously just to make things 'fair'. 


  1. wow! Nothing else to say. That quilt is simply amazing. Wow!

  2. Oh, I love the hexagonal quilts! they are so wonderfully put together! A lovely find.

    (and thank you for visiting)

  3. That is simply the best $2 spent EVER! Go you!! And what a lucky dog that must have been. ;)


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