Thursday 8 September 2011

Koo and Roo

Dexter, Bowie and Ilo
Our dear beautiful friends, Kristian (Koo), Ree (Roo), Dexter and Bowie came to visit us amongst 'The Sickness', luckily they came at a time when the vast majority of us were experiencing a reprieve (Poe unfortunately spent their visit asleep on the couch). They were up on reconnaissance to find a new place to live (after a few months in Newcastle they are realising the country life is definitely for them), needless to say we had the town polished, the banners hung, sky washed and the birds trained to sing in the delightful key of C Major,  setting the stage to reel them in. Scott also took it upon himself to show them various homes for sale in an attractive price range and then we casually highlighted how awesome everything is; the river, the hills, the cafes, the cows, curry night, gelato bar, you get the picture. Unfortunately they were also heading up to Brunswick Heads, their old stomping ground, which will probably lure them back, but anyhoo the seeds have been sown.
Rendezvous at Vintage Espresso 

Pizza Night
Pizza love
So Koo and Roo, as a courtesy we will be waiting the recommended two weeks before any follow up calls and before we post you a personalised brochure of the region, we'll be in touch.


  1. I understand in theory but not in practice... I am still completely bemused and disconcerted. It's "my" name..?? weird.

  2. so sorry lovely one for the confusion, you might need to work through that one a bit. how are you, we miss you. could you pass the blog onto jess, em and di, i have lost their email addresses. so much love to you beautiful.


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