Monday 12 September 2011

crafting a gogo

When illness gets in the way of crafting, I just know that when the veil lifts, I can delight in the deluge of ideas fluttering through my head some staying, others fleeing and then bearing witness as some come to fruition.

It was so exciting to send this belated birthday bundle to some dear friends in Melbourne, full of



and these.

These are for the very beautiful Oscar Monty in Sydney, he recently turned two and we miss him so much. I just know he will delight in these bright colours.

I have been loving working on the cover for Scott's new album, pretty happy with it at the moment.

And a little sneak peek; a "backstage pass" to a gift created for Genevieve. 

But be warned this is only the beginning, there is a patchwork curtain being created, another gift for Genevieve, an embroidery piece and a very special fairy dress for Poe's birthday (designed and styled by Poe himself). So exciting and wonderful to be able-bodied again. Oh I am also super excited about another deluge, yes in a few days our marathon of visitors begins, I have already been thinking about menus and days by the river. 


  1. oh hello lovely one. And thanks ever so much for introducing yourself at the markets that day. I'm so glad I've found your blog - it's delightful. Chat soon x

  2. hello there amazing one, wow, i have been totally transfixed by your blog of late, what a beautiful time your family is having. it is all so overwhelmingly gentle, clear and peaceful. xx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx