Sunday 31 July 2011

a weekend sojourn

exploring in Patma's backyard
This weekend the kids and I decided to hotfoot it up to Mullumbimby to stay with my Aunty, Patma. Scott had a friend coming up and they were excited about a weekend full of jamming, playing and recording, which is awesome but I thought it could have been even more awesome if the kids and I were out of the picture having our own awesome time somewhere else. And it was, we all had really great weekends.
Patma lives very close to town, so we had a very leisurely few days (ahem, yes very unusual compared to our umm, leisurely days in Bellingen?!). We went to some op shops, garage sales and the Crystal Castle. Poe had been dreaming and saving his coins for the day when he got to visit the Crystal Castle (somehow whenever I write that, I can hear an echo;  Castle, Castle). Poe loved the "Castle",  (unfortunately it doesn't actually look like a castle) he was enthralled by the massive crystals jutting out about the place, the bamboo forest, and the various fairy inspired bits and pieces that were scattered about the place. Ilo and Poe were delighted with their little packs of tiny fairy crystals that they bought and have already spent many many hours gazing and sifting through them all.

a leaf fairy we found at the Crystal Castle

c'mon, it's a great photo

the now defunct Mullumbimby train station/tracks
Tonight we went to the Bellingen Showground for fireworks and quite honestly it was AMAZING, yes I do think caps are necessary. It was great being really close (we couldn't have been far from the fireworks no matter how hard we tried) and there were heaps of those golden glitter like fireworks with plenty of resonating and satisfying booms. I felt like a child again, my mouth wide open, my eyes glittering, the cold fresh on my nose and such delight in my heart. Neither Nick, Scott, Poe, Ilo or myself could have even imagined it would have been so great and then we were home within minutes. A pretty magical way to spend a Sunday evening.

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  1. Olive says, "I like your face painting Poe. I love you Poe"


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