Sunday 17 July 2011

seeker lover keeper and crafty stuff

Although we had been out the night before I was quite looking forward to seeing Seeker Lover Keeper  and to do a bit of solo exploring of Bellingen at night. I did think that this concert would be pretty good but I never dreamed that I would see a cake stall laden with homemade cakes and a big pot of chai up for the offering. How could I refuse, what a perfect and very civilised accompaniment to a gig (and the curious amongst you the cake was chocolate cherry, oh my goodness).  Seeker Lover Keeper were amazing, they had a great dynamic on stage and every song was awesome (seriously no duds). Sitting there in the dark, soaking up this beautiful music produced by three people with a great connection definitely got me thinking about all the beautiful moments I have had in the last couple of years with some amazing friends as we have set out on the town and delighted in each others company. I am pretty damn lucky and am blessed with the best friends imaginable.

And now to the crafty stuff, first of all how awesome/mind blowingly amazing are these bearded folk from Pepper Stitches. After a tip off from a friend of ours, Zoe, Scott contacted Pepper Stitches and commissioned these works of art, they will be the stars of his film clip for "The Mid-North", we are so excited and cannot wait to see them sitting on porches, strolling through the woods or just kicking back by the river, stay tuned (ha!). 

Here is our new crafty corner, I think it is pretty great. I had to do some major work in limiting the amount of fabric on display, the rest are stashed away in many boxes in a few cupboards. After weeks of  having our crafty goodness in boxes the kids were pretty excited to get their craft on and were at it before I even knew what was happening. Oh my fingers are tingling in anticipation. 


  1. How funny it is to see your things in unfamiliar surrounds! The fabric stash looks beautiful, so inspiring. Would love to see what you've been making of late too, what with all of these long lazy mornings.

  2. That crafty corner is simply delicous! Nom nom, I want to be sitting at your table eating all that visual yumminess up!


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