Wednesday 13 July 2011

I would be lying if i said that we have begun to get into a routine, we haven't, but what has been happening are days that are slow, gentle, nurturing and fun. We have a few steps out the back that are the lucky recipients of direct sunlight from 8am til about 1pm, and it is bliss. The last few mornings (as Scott has created in his studio) has seen me sewing for hours and Poe and Ilo playing and playing and sewing and playing some more. I was talking to Poe about how much I have been loving this and he commented that he also loves it and that he loves how it feels 'like it is morning for hours', stuck in this bubble of warmth and fun. 

On Saturday we hopped on our bikes and visited the growers market, one more local than I have ever seen, with a huge proportion of the food coming from Bellingen and it's surrounds. There was music, good food, hula hoops, lots of kids and us. It was really strange being in a place that felt quite familiar (being regulars at other grower's markets) but actually not really "knowing" anybody. Not having any friends, just being observers.

to market
unfortunately we have to cross this to get to the markets

double the banana double the fun ($5 kg!)

Ah friends, we do miss you so, we miss the comfort in knowing you are near, the ease of being around you, the fun, the love, we miss you.  But have no fear we are in no hurry to make any new friends (cause quite frankly you have set a very high standard), we are really loving being and embracing our family unit, we are loving filling our days with simplicity and exploration, loving slowing things down.
But we are also super keen to have our wonderful friends come and visit so that you too can enjoy some of this and so that we get the thrill of having more people that we love in this place that we are relishing. 

Simple days
An afternoon spent gleaming treasures at the beach - time to sit and watch, to look for sea glass, shells, sponges and driftwood. 

hungry head

x 2

 Wandering, exploring, stopping, starting, no hurry at all. 


Evenings are spent, crafting, playing (guitar, banjo), and watching the latest season of Mad Men, (oh my goodness), all this whilst consuming chocolate with my beloved in front of a blazing fire, yep we are enjoying this space.

Oh those captions, so sorry, but i can't resist the desire to extract some kind of humour (very loose humour at that) with them. My apologies but it can't and won't be stopped. 


  1. James has expressed to me that you are all "dead to him" so feel free to fill his space in your friend calendar. ;o)

    I love seeing that gorgeous cardi do a second round too. Beautiful!

  2. oh so amazing... so wonderful to see you all so happy there! big love and many kisses xxx


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