Tuesday 5 July 2011


Last night we arrived to a house that was quite nearly a home, a fire was warming it, food was filling it and a lot of our things from home adorned it. But what made it so welcoming was Scott beaming and delighting in our arrival (after five days of waiting he was beside himself with glee to finally begin this new adventure with us).
The children ran around in absolute delight as they explored all the many nooks and crannies, they were literally dancing with excitement.
This picture shows the built-in kitchen dresser..ahhhh.

This morning we dawdled into town (we are about 200m from town) had a delicious organic breakfast and explored. Poe would ride between myself, my mum and dad and Scott with news of what is happening in town; fireworks July 31st, homemade gelato at the end of our street, "Hey that cafe is closed, but guess what we can just ride to the next one!" and various other events, that, partnered with Ilo repeating Poe and walking between us all was almost too much, too beautiful.

A definite highlight of the day was a trip to Never Never creek, how great is that name! It was pretty idyllic, the river was impossibly clear, the rocks endlessly fascinating (will post my collection of rocks that look like birds very soon, yes it is that good), and the fallen trees, that had been swept by the recent floods, extremely impressive (click to enlarge and you will see Poe and Scott standing on the tree).


  1. Oh the Never Never creek in The Promised Land! Bet you can't wait for it to warm up a little so you can swim in there!

  2. I can't wait, Poe on the other hand didn't!

  3. How delicious! LOVE the kitchen dresser and those gorgeous cups that I love inside it too.

    Poe is making me shiver from the warmth of my desk - freezing! We just got caught in a blizzard yesterday and the idea of anyone being half dressed makes me giddy.


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