Wednesday 27 July 2011

craft, school and back to the river

A very special friend turned 40 yesterday, she is a person who is amazingly generous, extremely caring and someone who always sees the best in others to put it mildly, she is pretty awesome (oh and did I mention she is gorgeous?) As part of her birthday present I crafted her an embroidered tablecloth wrap skirt, sounds fetching i know, and a wool scarf. The scarf was unintentionally inspired by soulemama and another very special friend and craftsperson extraordinaire, Annie (who made the greatest scarf ever for Scott).

Poe started pre-kindy yesterday and he loved it. We had envisioned a gentle introduction, possibly a day a week, moving slowly up to the three days but at the end of each day he wanted to go back again. The children at pre-kindy are really gentle and lovely and you can feel them embrace the soft and nurturing environment that is created. Beautifully, as a direct consequence of pre-kindy, Poe has been singing a lot more, singing about whatever he is doing, be it eating breakfast, getting dressed or playing with Ilo. I for one cannot get enough of hearing either of my children sing; the words they choose, the way their soft voices ebb and flow and how the songs meld into each other, ahhh. 

At home trying out a flash skirt found at a throwout- oh yeah

 Ilo, Scott and I decided to live it up whilst Poe was at pre-kindy and enjoyed a very delicious and leisurely breakfast.

On the weekend we spent another afternoon on the beach, wandering around looking for treasures. As I felt my body relax and my eyes dart, I realised that I was feeling the same way I do when I am op-shopping, such a delightful feeling, the thrill of discovering.

oh the love
Today, after pre-kindy, we decided to stop off at the river. It was icy cold but so much fun. We skimmed rocks, made lots of splashes, admired the ducks and delighted in our environment. Personally, I was fantasising about when the weather is warmer and how we will be able to stop off and have a swim after our sweaty bike ride from Kindy (ok, the ride is only 15 mins and has only one significant hill but my match fitness is down). Ilo went for an unexpected dip - face first, but lived to laugh about it later. Poe decided he wanted to play the "Mermaid Princess" a story by Shirley Barber. He created his own coral pond and then we built a great house for Sandy (the elf), unfortunately, by the time the props were made we had to head home, so stay tuned, Act 1, scene 1 will be played out tomorrow afternoon. I for one cannot wait to reenact the scene where Jon (played by me) helps Marina the mermaid (played by Scott) into the coral pond. 

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  1. You're finding out my terrible secret - I am a hopeless long distance communicator! So busy lately and keep wanting time to sit down and call you but it's always past midnight. Will make an effort tomorrow in daylight hours I promise.

    And yes, that lovely woman is pretty awesome! Pre-kindy sounds like a dream, a delicious musical dream. The four of you are starting to feel like a dream already... :(


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