Saturday 16 July 2011

a nocturnal outing

Ilo ready for a night on the town

Last night we rugged up and headed up the road to the Lodge cafe.  Every Friday night they have a folk music night and last night was open mic night. It was lovely heading out feeling the fresh cold air on our faces and then to enter the Lodge which was so cosy, warm and welcoming.

This is the type of cafe where you can imagine staying for hours basking in the warmth of the fire whilst eating delicious food and drinking copious amounts of wine (hmmm might have to wait until this breastfeeding caper is over until I fully indulge in that fantasy). The kids had a great time but after a few acts we headed home whilst Scott stayed on and played a few songs which were received with rapturous applause and demands for more.

Tonight I am heading down the road to see Seeker Lover Keeper I am really excited to see this talented threesome, will let you know all about it tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to hear Scott's already creating a little following. :o) How was SLK?


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