Monday 6 May 2013

penang - to market

The smells of this market are so familiar, they are part of my collective memory of the Penang I know, they aren't all the most pleasant of smells but they are the same smells of my past. The smells of raw fish and pungent fish paste, the cloying smell of durian , the confronting wafts of raw meat, the heady and intriguing odours of tropical fruit, the saliva inducing smells of noodles cooking, curry bubbling, soup boiling, the warm and comforting smells of Roti Canai and the sweet nutty smells of Apam Balik.

* Warning for those of you who are either vegetarian or are a bit squeamish with the reality of a raw chicken (yes they don't all come wrapped in plastic),  there is a shot that may make you want to turn away but just think, this is a lot better than how the majority of chickens are dealt with in factories and really it's just a photo of a person with their hand up a chicken. 


  1. I feel so privileged to see these pictures - such unpretentious glimpses. I love them all, thank you for sharing them x

  2. wow, thank you G, what a comment. So happy that you are

  3. Such great glimpse of the market place. What is he making in the last picture?

    1. Thanks Natalie. The guy is making Apam Balik, delicious peanut filled pancakes (they sometimes also put creamed corn inside them,not sure what that tastes like, i stuck with the peanuts). xxx


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