Friday 24 May 2013

Marching against Monsanto

Tomorrow, May 25th, we will be joining millions of people from all around the world, who will be Marching against Monsanto. We are choosing to march because we believe that people with a passion can changed the world, we don't believe that massive Corporations such as Monsanto should have right or ability to mess with our food and food systems.
Research has shown that Monsanto's genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions; cancer tumours, infertility and birth defects. Monsanto GM terminator seeds have been designed that once the plant has been harvested the seed is essentially dead, which means farmers need to buy more seeds. The GM seeds that they do have, have also been 'adjusted' to do all sorts of other weird and wrong stuff as well (and also require Monsanto round up to control the pests that nibble on them).
Not only that but in some countries laws have been passed that only patented Monsanto seeds are allowed to be used, which means using heirloom or heritage seeds has become illegal. Their seeds have also been linked to bee colony collapse.
The list of the evils that this corporation has committed is quite sickening and what is worse is that they have control over so many food, pharmaceutical and poison companies, never mind their stakes and power in the media and political realm. Nobody, least of all corporations should have a monopoly over the world's food supply (they also recently patented breast milk, seriously).

If you aren't able to attend a protest tomorrow, think about boycotting the companies below (they use Monsanto GM products), signing petitions to our government demanding a GM free Australia, download this GM Free guide and buy organic, local produce.

There is so much to say, if you are interested in hearing more the internet has plenty of Monsanto horror stories, enough to keep you up at night.

movie - seeds of death - these kind of films will hopefully lead to the banning of toxins in our food and companies like Monsanto


  1. I've been visiting your virtual space here for sometime (years?)...and it's about time I stopped long enough to say hello and to tell you how much I love your blog.
    Dam Monsanto! This issue really gets my blood boiling! And while I'm here....I adored your photos of Penang.

    1. Hello there and welcome, welcome, welcome. Years! wow, i am so delighted you have decided to stop and say hello and let your blood boil here. It is outrageous what they are doing, it is sickening and so very sad.
      Anyway, so happy you liked the Penang trip. Thanks again for saying hello. xxx jay

  2. eeek. such scarey stuff. thanks jj for giving it a big boost here. watching the vid now. xx

  3. Hi Jay, so glad you were involved in this. We couldn't get to Sydney yesterday so I'm so glad to see how many turned out around the world. I have a plan to turn our school garden into a bee sanctuary too. Here's to real food!


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