Wednesday 1 May 2013


I have decided that this is my toe dipping in the water post, both for me and for you, a post to get the 'hellos' out of the way before the onslaught of photos and a deep breath for me as I bide my time trying to figure out how to express our trip and not have you all yawning by the end of it.

So hello, it is so lovely to be back, both back here in blogland and back home in Bellingen, everything feels so wonderfully clear, welcoming and sparkly, (hasn't this weather has been outstanding).
Our trip was just what we needed, in terms of two weeks of doing not much except having golden family moments as we embraced the delight and ease of spending all of our hours together exploring a new country and not having to do the usual chores, more time spent reading together, playing, hanging out and of course eating, eating and eating and oh yeah, a little more eating.
But the trip was also hard, hard seeing my uncle, my aunt and my cousins, seeing what they are going through, managing pain, sleepless nights, uncertainty and the dance that occurs around such an illness. I feel lucky that we were able to visit, to bring the beautiful energy of Poe and Ilo, the relaxing tones of Scott serenading on the guitar and leg massages at the ready for my uncle, it felt good to have a purpose to be able to provide something, some relief, however small.

So hold tight lovely ones, as I will soon be taking you on a little journey of the Penang we know.


  1. welcome back, lovely one. Eagerly awaiting your stories x

  2. Welcome home. We missed you! xx

  3. So glad you are safely home, sweet Jay.
    I am sure the loving presence of you and your 3 boys was a healing, soothing balm for your uncle.
    Looking forward to your journey of Penang. xx

  4. welcome back. how lucky you were to spend time with family. looking forward to the photos and stories of the journey. x

  5. Welcome home. Looking forward to hearing your tales. And already the photos are brilliant!

  6. oh thank you so much you lovely ones, can't wait to share with you all. love

  7. nice to see you jj, both here and there, and there... and there too! looking forward to the tour. xx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx