Sunday 26 May 2013

a protest

I've done it before, I will do it today and let's face it, I will no doubt do it again. Yes, I am going to mess with your mind as we lurch from the Penang of weeks ago to the protest of yesterday and then in the next few days, even though not many of you will be wearing seat belts or any other safety device, I am going to haul you all back in time at quite a stunning speed, just to get you all caught up with the goings on about town (and there has been quite a few that you have all missed out on). 
So steady those sea legs, you have been forewarned. 
But firstly a lovely little but visually weighty post about the Monsanto Protest, followed by some drumming and dancing by moonlight. Sounds good? Great (see how I chose to only take on the positive, totally ignoring all those who chose to throw something at the computer/phone/ other crazy device screen, as they read that, oh yeah, life is so much better when you don't take on other people's crap). 
Speaking of other people's crap, Monsanto, far out, a huge Multinational Corporation responsible for so many evil doings, it is quite absolutely mindblowing what they have done and what they will do (let alone what they are planning to do, yikes). My last post ranted a bit, so hopefully you, if you aren't already, informed yourselves a bit and don't need any more lessons, for the time being at least. 
What was amazing yesterday was the fact that millions around the world took the time, showed they cared and protested against Monsanto, GM foods and the power that this massive Multinational Corporation has.  The protest in our town was amazing, my heart swelled as about 400-500 (sorry didn't really get a head count) Bellingen folk of all ages, political persuasions, hair colours, shoe sizes and backgrounds came together and showed that they are concerned, that they value real food and they want change. 
It was beautiful, inspiring and emotional, this town never fails to amaze me. 

Suze and Sam are brand spankingly new to town and as you can see these lovely ones are not folk who rest on their laurels, go them.
The amazing Marguerite who arranged the whole things.
Jester runs the community garden and bee hives and had us all enthralled with his vision to make Bellingen a recognised Bee Sanctuary, he is truly a passionate and inspiring doer.
After some serious protesting, we spent a few hours in the sun at the skate park before heading down the highway to the Nambucca Surf life saving club, where we danced to the drums and welcomed the full moon. It was sweaty, loud and very therapeutic. 


  1. We are planning on relocating to Bello asap ( read as soon as we sell our house! ) and would really love to have been part of this community event - something we both passionately believe in.

    1. How great, where are you moving from?

    2. Currently in the Blue Mountains which is beautiful but we feel Bello is our spiritual home.

    3. it is pretty amazing, do you know anyone here already? good luck selling your home

    4. Thanks!
      No we dont know anyone as yet but its funny, the sense of belonging we feel whenever we are up there - which is as often as possible - is hard to explain.

  2. I could feel Bello's energy in these photos - which you have captured so beautifully.
    I pray Monsanto gets the message loud and clear.

  3. Brilliant! I am envious of your Bello community...sorely lacking in these parts...well it is here I love my blessed friends but it is not here in the Bello way. You know what I mean. Hope you are having a great week. Funny about the garage sale I have been collecting a pile of goods around the house that have made me think about having a little sale...I do love getting rid of stuff! xx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx