Thursday 13 December 2012

music news

photo by 'Natsky'

I just realised that there has been a lot happening on the Scott music front that I have foolishly failed to share with you all. Firstly and awesomely, The Mid North were nominated for Best Country song and Best Album in the North Coast Dolphin Awards. Scott got all glammed up and headed to Lismore with a friend for the red carpet event and guess what.....I am sure you have guessed but they won both  awards, how wonderful is that. Scott, as you could imagine was totally delighted, as we all were. So lovely to get some public recognition for his wonderful work and talent. I only wish I could have been there to celebrate with him, but we aren't quite ready to leave Ilo overnight. Maybe next year.

News to hand part two, we are having the lovely Nadine and Sammy staying at ours for the next couple of nights as they play in town and up the mountain in Dorrigo, they are part of a band called The Foghorn Stringband and their music is awesome, if you are into old timey music. So personally I am really excited, apparently they are into all night jamming, woohooo, the lovely Grant from The Butcher Boys will also be staying, so I am preparing for some serious yawns and dark circles under my eyes, can't wait.

I will also be heading up to No. 5 tonight to take some photos of the Perch Creek Family Jugband, a seven piece band consisting of brothers and sisters, yes they do play the jug and washboard!

And finally, Scott has been planning a 'O'Brother Where Art Thou' night in town at the Memorial Hall in March, basically a whole heap of talented people in town will perform the soundtrack in a dinner and show kind of night. So great right? Well, it get's better because Mike Compton, a 'modern master of Bluegrass mandolin' who plays on the actual film soundtrack will be in town and will performing!!! Again, totally great.

Yes, it's all happening people. Anyone who has been thinking of visiting and happens to love the 'O'Brother' soundtrack, March might just be the time to come.


  1. Hugest congratulations to Scott and the band that is really wonderful!!! I love that photo, such a great embrace. It is indeed all happening in your neck of the woods, as I was reading I was thinking the only down side of all this is living too far away to experience it first hand! I can't wait to immerse River and Sol in some live music is not at all a part of life here on the Peninsula. How did the weekend arrive again so soon?! Happy one to you xx

    1. Thanks lovely,I've passed on an absolutely massive congratulations to Scott, it was pretty heavy and he was pretty overwhelmed but really delighted!xxxx


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