Monday 10 December 2012

far and few

Oh yes, days, maybe even weeks may pass between blog posts these days. A lot is happening, in the mind, the heart and more often than not the hands. This time of year, as I am sure it is with many of you is mayhem, it definitely feels like we are just holding on, closing our eyes and hoping we get through it. Scott and I are both juggling a larger than usual work load, which being freelancers is great, we cannot complain about that, but let's just say there has been a lot of coordinating being done and I can honestly stay that we may just be living in an authentic pigsty. Scott has been working on this crazy series and I as you well and truly know have been sewing and taking quite a few photos at No. 5 and then sewing some more, mostly til midnight. Yes, it has been a bit of a production around here, complete with dramas as my overlocker suddenly goes completely mental and decides to eat my clothes rather than finish them off in a delightfully orderly way. Eeek.

Weirdly with all this sewing, I have taken hardly any photos of what I have been making, which is just strange for me but totally understandable considering the need to create lots and lots of pieces. But I will let you know it has pretty much been all white. No, not alright. All white. Yes, for the recent Artisan's market I shared a stall with the magnificent and very talented Nicole (who is a ceramicist who knows that less is more, her pieces are simple, yet perfect) and we went with a white/cream theme. It was really quite liberating to stick with a theme. The stall looked so wonderful, a little oasis, it was pretty great watching people enter and seeing their shoulders relax and little sighs escape as they look around and as an added bonus we had a bumper day, which was fantastic. Strangely by the time I did manage to think about taking photos a lot of the pieces had already found new homes. Hmmm, on second thoughts we were quite busy from the get go, ah yes, my excuse is now due to busyness. Yes, will stick with that.
The Artisan's market was really impressive, gee there are some talented folk around these parts, Nick created a few spectacular bird pieces, Soli some stunning jewellery, along with Bell and her gorgeous clothes and hoops, amazing basket weaving, other ceramics (no where near amazing as Nicole's work though), some paintings and other bits and pieces, a really unique and impressive market.

I have, however decided to keep with the theme at this week's monthly markets and maybe I will have the time and brain space to remember to capture the stall in all it's glory.

Amongst all this I would especially like to thank Ilo, for being so wonderful and self sufficient, I have loved sewing and watching him through the door potter about, sit and draw, lie on the lounge, come to me for kisses and just be totally wonderful. Here he is cutting the rug (yes he has been heavily influenced by my Samba routine) and playing a few tunes with a couple of friends, Peppa and Lara.

Oh and here is a huge  thank you. Thank you to Nikki and Imogen, these wonderful bloggers gorgeously mentioned my crafty wares at Blue Caravan on their blogs, just because they wanted to, I promise, I didn't even beg, plead or coerce. Thank you lovely ones, You guys are awesome. 


  1. such a pleasure dear Jay to promote your beautiful wares (and yes Jay is telling the truth, I mentioned it just because. Just because her work is lovely and I thought readers would like it too). Sorry to hear about your overlocker munching and scrunching garments. For me sewing requires an inordinate amount of patience. I was just today looking at a pile of mending I have to do. Everyday I put it off. And today when I was having my usual think about getting my machine out, I thought "I don't know how Jay does it?!" It being sew so much with little people around. But then I do know how you do it, you just do it because that is what is required. This turned into a long and rambly comment! Thanks for a beautiful and honest post. Good luck with the overlocker xx

  2. oh how i love a ramble, a beautifully rambly reply makes me smile and fill my heart with a warm knowing. I have borrowed a friends overlocker, so hopefully it wil be kind to me. xxxx

  3. Wow, your stall sounds like just the place that I would have sighed, shoulder dropped and wallet alleviated! Love white tones, definitely my colour first-love. As to sewing machines and overlockers - they are cheeky and know when we are under the pump. But they are beautiful friends when we can take a long leisurely sew together. xxx Fi

    1. Thanks Fi, yes it did feel like a pretty special space. Such beautiful words about our dear machine friends, oh so true


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