Thursday 20 December 2012

exhaling bit by bit

Lately, each day I sit and read with Poe and Ilo a few extra books than usual, I find myself lying on the lounge just thinking about what I need to do rather than doing or sometimes thinking of nothing at all, I partake in random fancy dress requests, chose to linger rather than rush and have put a lot more effort into Christmas crafting/decorating with the kids. We have stayed at home, we have nested, we have experienced the after school term come down and emerged beautifully on the other side. It feels good. It feels right, cocooning and loving those near.
Yet I can't deny that despite all this loveliness, I still kind of feel like I am in denial about some gifts yet to be made, packages yet to be sent (many are on their way though) yep, hoping for a bit of magic on that front, maybe my long awaited clone will finally arrive and step in and do some late night crafting for me, hmmmm.
My body, however seems to be literally yelling at me to slow down, it keeps throwing all kinds of acts of mayhem at me, I must admit I have had no choice but to take it seriously after all, it has definitely taken an emotional battering this year, yes, I have realised this year that I physically manifest my emotional stress but am working on moving that on real quick. I look forward to letting some things go and taking a nice cleansing inhalation before next year begins (and whatever else it takes to start afresh).*

That is where I am now, however.....................

last week we had a very special celebration at Poe's School, it was his 'going up' ceremony, from Kindergarten to Year One, it was amidst a week of craziness but was a welcome pause, so wonderfully sweet and special. The Kindy children enter a room with all the parents, their current teacher, Annabel, their new teacher James (who is so very lovely) and their Year Eight buddies. Annabel then brings each child up with their buddy, the child gives their buddy a candle they have made and the buddy gives the child a bracelet they made for them, after putting on the bracelet the year Eight buddy would have a little saying for the child, quite often from Dr Seuss;

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” 

“A person's a person, no matter how small.” 

That kind of gorgeous and inspiring stuff. Then Annabel gives the child a little velvet pouch and the child gave their new teacher a flower. Yes, I was crying, so simply beautiful, I especially loved seeing the connection between the Year Eight buddies and the Kindy children.
Then we formed an arch outside and the children led by their new teacher James went through the arch and followed the stars up the stairs to their new classroom. They stayed up there for an hour or so then we all came together for a delicious group feast. It all felt really special, so beautiful seeing the children being 'held' so warmly as they made their transition from Kindergarten to Class One. At Chrysalis, as it is for a lot of Steiner Schools, the Year One teacher is the teacher they will have throughout their whole time at the school. I thought about that quite often as I watched James and the children during the ceremony, he will be with them and see and support them as they grow, he will be part of our lives for the next eight years, who knows what adventures and experiences we will have together.

*I don't mean to be mysterious re my 'emotional' year but it does help to know that blogland is not real life. There are really wonderful, beautiful blogs out there that do share a lot, but that's not for me, however it is hard to know when and how to draw the line. Moving away from friends is hard, maintaining and figuring out long distance relationships can be hard, communication is hard. But the rewards, are unbelievable, so beautiful and nourishing and worth all the hardship and then some. That's all. xxx


  1. Beautiful.

    I really enjoy hearing your insights into Steiner education. I had no idea that the teacher often stays with their class for their entire education. Fascinating, what an amazing relationship they must develop.

    Wishing you a lovely end of year and hope that 2013 brings many rewards.

    1. thanks Imogen. It is amazing seeing the connection the classes have with their teacher, so very beautiful.I love seeing children having special relationships with other adults, so often it gives them another space to talk about things.
      Thank you also for your end of year and beginning of new year wishes, lovely. xx

  2. It is so beautiful to mark the transition to a new year and classroom with a ritual that the whole groups participates in. It's one of the (many)ways that I think the Steiner method has got it going on...Whenever I see or join in with a Steiner ceremony I feel a a solid reminder of the beauty and meaning in the daily and seasonal flow and change of life. So valuable! (and btw I do the same thing with my emotions- make them physical. Can it stop please?!) x


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx