Monday 5 December 2011

to market to market

As well as all this Christmas crafting I have been doing, I decided to, maybe foolishly, have a stall at Belingen's annual Artisan's market this Saturday, 10th December. Here is a little peek at some of the goods I have been making, with more to make this week, will keep you posted; will let you know if I pass out under a pile of doilies, overwhelmed by all this Christmas and Market crafting, you know on top of the usual, parenting, partnering and just generally being, or whether it all turns out fine. Stay tuned. eek 
I love that even if the market isn't that great, Weave and Wabi Sabi both want whatever I don't sell in  their stores, which is totally lovely and exciting. 

headpieces in the making

Yes, I am sewing and blogging at the same time and yes it is 12am, but you know, I am feeling pretty happy doing so.

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  1. What a deliciously lucky community Bello is to be able to sample your wares! Your brilliance will shine and you'll sell out, I'm sure of it! x


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