Saturday 17 December 2011

Lovin the family

Fortuitously Manu and his partner James had a wedding in, of all places, Bellingen the very weekend we were back from Sydney (well minus Scott who was still away, but plus Mum, who gallantly assisted me whilst I drove from the Coast to Bellingen in the pouring rain, not fun). 

It was really wonderful spending so much uninterrupted time with the both of them and then as a bonus effortlessly succeeding with them falling in love with Bellingen. 

At one point, albeit after a few hours drinking at one of the "best weddings" either of them had ever been to (think gypsy, think Black Cat White Cat , on an amazing property, with people that you have known from years before, but never thought you would see again, set against a back drop of sun breaking through the clouds after days of rain), James was raving about how he has to tell everyone he knows about how amazing Bellingen is, only to be silenced by Manu, who advised him that maybe it is better left as a not so quiet secret. James concurred. 

Poe and Ilo loved the fact that they had a book reading service on hand at any point, they loved the fun, the ease and the comfort of having such special 'family' people around.

 James loved the fact that everything we did kept exceeding expectations; swimming in icy water at the Never Never Creek, pizza for dinner on an abandoned beach, delicious meals, lovely company all partnered with staying at a totally fancy and breathtaking location, it had been James's birthday and Manu had arranged that they stay at Casa Belle

On the way to Never Never creek I spied this amazing family by the side of the road, check out this great photo that James took (he is a little obsessed with owls, so you can imagine his delight when he saw this family). Enlarge it, I love how the parents are both facing in opposite directions and the baby is staring right at James. He has entered it in the National Geographic Photo Contest.

As is Manu's way, he and James ended up making a few friends for us in town, they are very social. So through them we are now more acquainted with Alex the owner of the 'Everything that's beautiful' Gallery in town along with some mysterious person named Kate, that we are yet to meet but Manu assures us that Kate and her partner have very similar parenting and life ideas and that we will be good friends. Thanks darling brother, please feel free to come back whenever you both want, (you know, just to ahh cement the friendships!) it was a pleasure seeing the both of you.

Yes, getting more tired and fearing that I am making less sense with every word that I type, also fearing I have lost the ability to spell as every word looks so weird as I look at it more and more, perhaps three posts in one night is enough.  And no I have not proof read this warble (or waffle?) nor do I intend to, sorry lovely readers, it is the price you must pay if I am ever to catch up.xxxx


  1. Just loving those owls so much. LOVING them.

    Looks like your conversion business is going well. We'll have to visit soon to round it all off and you can know you've dipped your toe into every Sydney mind you know. :)

  2. jay...all these absolutely beautiful people in your life! So much love!

    Blessings to you four for a safe and joyous Christmas. x

  3. Love! Did you know that tawny's aren't actually owls? Not sure why.. there is a reason but I think I've forgotten... xxxx

  4. Jay I just only saw this… How amazing, what magical memories! Hope you and the boys are well. x

    1. hey lovely, so nice hearing from you.How are you? Hope all is glorious xxx


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