Sunday 4 December 2011



Dom has been a very dear friend of mine for about 11 years and over that time, regardless of where either of us are in life, up, down and in-between we absolutely know that the other is always there. Dom is someone who you meet and you can't but help fall in love with, he exudes warmth, humour, kindness and beauty. Yeah, he is one of those; a very rare and inspiring human.

As much as I adore spending time with Dom, I absolutely love watching Dom with Poe and Ilo. His openness with them allows them to just shine in his company. Poe and Dom, in particular, have such a beautiful relationship, one of trust, love and the same kind of humour. I watch Dom with Poe and I just see him radiate love, he has so much time and space to just be, what a rare trait that is.

We were lucky enough to see Dom in Sydney, we met at our favourite catch-up place, Cafe Ella , for some wonderful service, awesome chai and a totally delicious lentil stew. After a very stories were exchanged, Dom took Poe and Ilo to the park whilst Scott and I caught up on his time at Harrietville.

Poe, Ilo and Dom made stick houses and laughed hysterically as Dom feigned devastation as a little Ilo knocked them down, oh my goodness, both Poe and Ilo were nearly wetting themselves with laughter as this pantomime occurred over and over again. Amongst all this crazy laughter, we climbed, we slid, swung and laughed just a little bit more.

Poe and Dom, then rode their bikes home to Dom's, what an adventure that was, riding in the city, oh my goodness, Poe was delighted.


Upon arrival at Dom's we were gently but enthusiastically greeted by Jeremy, Dom's dog, they then played and played with Jeremy, totally delighting in the whole dog fetching stick thing. Jeremy is the only dog that Poe and Ilo have really been around and the only dog they love (they are actually quite scared of dogs normally, so it was lovely seeing them have such a great time with Jeremy). Jeremy is seriously an amazing dog, especially with children, Ilo was hugging him relentlessly and he didn't mind at all, they had a great time.

Ah Dom, thank you for being such a beautiful friend to me and thank you also for being an amazing and inspiring friend for Poe and Ilo, they absolutely adore you, as do we. mwah.

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  1. Love the last two shots, just gorgeous. It's a beautiful thing to have those other special 'aunts' and 'uncles' in our children's lives. They need a special adult to turn to that isn't a parent, and it's beautiful when those people connect with your child. Lucky Poe. Lucky Dom.



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