Tuesday 20 December 2011


The markets (Artisan and monthly Bellingen) have been really wonderful and totally disturbing. Wonderful, seeing people really enjoy and admire what I have crafted, the days spent chatting, relaxing and watching the children playing with friends all day (reminding me of my market days as a child at Paddington markets). Totally disturbing, because I am putting my crafts out there for people to actually buy, yep, parting with their hard earned cash on stuff I have made, when previously stuff I made was always just gifted (i.e. thrust upon people whether they liked it or not). Even when I see people wearing my stuff and raving about it I still feel totally anxious, what if it just falls apart etc. Anyone else feels like this?
I know I sound like a wreck but I'm not, really, it was heaps of fun, we went really well and people were happy, we had some totally awesome days.  Will definitely keep going to a few markets, but in the meantime I need to tag the left over stuff and take them up to Wabi Sabi and Weave.
Oh the new red bird headband is actually reversible! How cool is that. I was pretty stoked.

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  1. Yay! Go Jay! I am so proud of you, and felt so happy seeing your beautiful stall. No wonder you're doing so well! Maybe I need to enlist you as P&E's northern agent... Love you - congratulations!


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