Sunday 11 December 2011

dear little ones

The door was opened, kisses were exchanged and oohs of delight at the sight of each other were heard. And then with feet barely touching the ground Edie and Poe were off giggling, whispering, already in their little world, and there they stayed for hours on end, we saw glimpses of them as they came out for snacks or to show off some crazy outfit. I love the simplicity, beauty and gentleness of this special little friendship. 

So much catching up to do, new toys explored, games introduced and stories exhanged.

A new friendship was also blossoming as Ilo and Oscar delighted in each others company. There has always been a connection between these two little ones, the first baby conversation Ilo had was with Oscar, the looks they exchanged and the connection they had was way beyond their years. And now at two, they share jokes, go on adventures, laugh themselves silly and delight in each other's company. 

Ruth and I also enjoyed some very special time together at Vini so delicious but more importantly so nutritious, the company not the food. I also feel like my cup has been filled after I spend time with Ruth, she inspires, delights and always has amazing advice. She is a listener and an entertainer, a very rare combination. Beautiful Ruth. 

Oh and thanks to the beautiful Cam for feeding everyone, spinning the tunes, your gentleness and being so effortlessly awesome. Cam, I am so inspired and delighted with your contribution and love for the Cornersmith, what an amazing space it will be, cannot wait til our next Sydney visit so we can experience it in the flesh.

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  1. Gorgeous...looks like they had a lovely time together, cherished moments x
    Cornersmith looks great too...and open now I noticed today - yay! I met Alex on the weekend at Priya's ballet concert, her little boy had some pretty sweet dance moves! Looking forward to checking it out as well! love to all xx


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