Tuesday 23 August 2011

a whirlwind week in Sydney

(hmmm far too tired to give Ilo the gushing he deserves, hopefully tomorrow)

presents at Peeba's

Poe's first pedal bike ride - this happened in seconds, amazing!

Mamak-no visit to Sydney is complete without it. 

adventures in Edie's super bunk

luxuriating in the presence of these three

Sydney Park

Family Portrait 1 - by Dom

Family Portrait 2 - also by Dom, thanks Dom, you are amazing

Another night, another sleepover. Saul striking an intriguing pose.

Rock the house; The Opera House.

farewelling beautiful friends

and a fairy party to top it off
Going through the photos I realised that I had no documentation of a home in which we were lucky enough to have stayed in not once but twice; the ever accommodating and always welcoming home of Tracey, Vince, Jenna and Remy, oh my goodness, no pictures! I think the problem is that we were too busy, eating, laughing, chatting and embracing. Thank you, thank you beautiful ones, amazing.
Thank you everyone who accommodated us, we love you all so much and had such a wonderful time. I particularly cherished all those late night chats...ahhhhhh.


  1. Jealous of late night chats here! And bummer, didn't get a chance to chat to Scott about the Opera House gig - looks like a load of fun!

  2. sorry darling one, firstly we didn't want to burden you all in birthday week and secondly not sure if you could accommodate all of us. The Opera House gig was apparently amazing, with 90% of the audience with hands raised in the horn salute. Scott was on a high for days.

  3. Sweetchops, it was SO lovely to have you here. One could almost slip into denial that you'd never left, particularly as you gathered everyone together in just the clever way you used to when you lived here. It's been cold and windy on that hilltop in Sydney Park since you left... sob.


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