Sunday 28 August 2011

Today we.....

asked Ilo where he would like to eat breakfast.

tried out the new billy cart, 

 complete with a very handy boot.

were entertained

and enchanted.

 delighted in some circus tricks.

hung out under the "big top". 


  1. Honestly, I've lost count of the number of times we use our dining chairs as tables for Ted. It's just such a convenient height!

    But my fave photo has to be the circus trick in the backyard - the composition is just awesome.

  2. oh gee, thanks cass, coming from you that is the biggest compliment ever, oh if i could only channel you say once every hundred pics, i would be very happy (no that is an understatement, i would be enthralled). hey what camera were you thinking of getting for a in the pocket camera? my canon g9 broke, so unfortunately no videos, damn. the olympus pen series looks interesting, any feedback? love to you

  3. Such lovely reflections Jay!! and all in only two years - pretty cool to think of all the years ahead and how much more Ilo ( and Poe too of course) wonderment there will be!

  4. *ahem* Taps foot impatiently.... ;)


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx