Saturday 6 August 2011

Another day by the river

warning: if you continue to follow this blog, you may just get a little weary at the sight of "days by the river" as there will be many many many many many more to come or maybe it will just entice you all up for a visit, ah ha a cunning plan


  1. Teddy just said "Want to send a message to Jay" and I asked what and he apparently wants to let you know "I love you and I miss you".

    Harriet wants to write too:

    i love you poe love from harriet

  2. well jay would like to say to Teddy that "i love him and miss him too and that i cannot wait to see him soon". Poe would also like to write to Harriet, but he is in bed, so I could guess that he would also send his love and his utter excitement about her party...yay. love you all (and a special shout out to James with hope that he hasn't completely barred us). xxxxx

  3. Hello Jay,
    I miss you!


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx