Wednesday 10 August 2011

Happy Birthday Mum


Over the years I have done a variety of family portraits; felt applique portraits, portraits on felt houses and embroidered portraits using anything from wooden hoops to doilies. My Mum has seen, admired and delighted in these portraits over the years and subtly made a few hints that indicated that she also desired a portrait. And so after many years here is our family portrait. The top row shows Ilo, Suriya (my sister) and Scott, middle row; Mum and Phil (my Dad) and bottom row; Poe, myself and Manu (my brother). I found it really hard to distinguish between myself, my sister and my mum because in theory (and embroidery language) we all look alike. I am most happy with how Manu turned out, creating a likeness using a couple of threads is pretty amazing and satisfying. 
In other crafty news, I have finished Annie's gift, which I am totally delighted with (photos in a couple of weeks).  I have also been making treasure bags from here, creating my own dress (with zilch dress making skills this is ummm interesting and totally liberating), making some gifts for Ilo (Scott is, as I write, sewing a pair of pants for him), a top for me and crafting a package to send to some dear friends in Melbourne) ahhh birthday season. A season that is so delightful in an utterly manic and inspiring way. 
On Friday we are heading to Sydney for four birthday parties (including a little party for Ilo), a gig at the Opera House (yep Scott is playing some death metal guitar here) and lots of visiting friends and family. We are really excited about catching up with everyone and enjoying some beautiful birthday celebrations. 

disclaimer: mum's birthday was actually in June but due to selling our house and moving there was little time for crafting.

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  1. I told you irl but seriously - this is so so gorgeous. Your ability to produce so much from so little is just awe-inspiring. You are my crafting hero!! x


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