Monday 5 August 2013

out and about

A couple of weekends ago my sister came to visit, she bought her brand new bike and a spark of enthusiasm for getting out there and taking it for a spin at any given opportunity. We all rode a bit about  town and then loaded the bikes onto the car (small car, big mass of bikes, five in total) and headed to Urunga for a picnic, play and ride.
Being such a glorious day we were soon surrounded by most of Bellingen who soon joined us as we picnicked and rode about, it was an absolute delight.

Suriya and I also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Emma and Susan's 'Funny Farm', I have included only a couple of photos here as we were pushed for time but a week later I went back with Scott and the kids and went photo crazy as we lounged around, got intimate and ate a delicious feast. All I am saying now is that this is the most beautiful home and property I have ever seen, at every single turn my heart would do a little flip at the beauty and the consideration. But more soon, here are a couple of teasers pics, including a shot of Suriya chasing chicks.

It was really lovely having Suriya visit (for the first time, she has been very busy), we got to chat, cook, hang out, brainstorm and play. And now she has made the trip up the highway once, we sure hope we will be seeing more of her.


  1. What a glorious, brilliant place - thank you for sharing.

    This post has been such a nice introduction to your blog, Jay. I popped over after reading that Natalie from Spaces Between likes you a lot. I figured I'd like you too! x

    1. Hello and welcome, thanks for popping by, Natalie is indeed very special, it was such a treat to have met her last weekend. xx

  2. I just realised I 'jumped posts' and bundled my comment on Funny Farm up with my comment on your sister and her bike. Ah well, I hope you knew what I was talking about! x


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