Wednesday 7 August 2013

Funny Farm love

Oh the Funny Farm, I am in love, a beautiful Biodynamic farm with a magnificent home and utterly gorgeous family, bustling with animals, laughter and children running amok. I love the care that has been taken everywhere you look, everything is not just practical but also, awesomely, aesthetically delightful. Emma, Susan, Sahara  (Des) and Sassafras snuggle up together here, they have animals, they grow lots of stuff, they love and they do.
We sat in the sun and talked as the kids ran up (and only once launched off) clay hills, they giggled and sparkled. It was nice to finally sit and chat with Sus and Em, we have had snippets of chats in town but not much nitty gritty, so it was a treat to get to know each other, to start to unfold the beginning of a friendship and as with other great friendships it was perfect to feast whilst doing so.
Scott and I, though thoroughly townies, walked around with gaping mouths and minds that were racing, we would love to be able to take this idea, the feel, the intention, the purpose and create a space kind of similar to this in town (with less animals, obviously). A home overflowing with produce, pecking chickens, openness, care, a place to create for ourselves. Oh yes we are itching for our own home, a place where we can really get our teeth into and flourish, grow and inspire. Hmmmm.

In the meantime, enjoy a little wander through the Funny Farm, stay a while if you like, the sun is warm and the locals are a joy. 


  1. What an inspiring magical place. (:

  2. That kitchen is all kinds of amazing! The rest of the house is pretty darn good too ;)

  3. just breathtaking! can't wait for you to have your piece of heaven too. And that outside bed - oh so good!


  4. mmmm... that kitchen, that hammock, that sunny corner lounge ...heaven! Beautiful pix again jay, love the light that streams through.

  5. Can I move in here? Kellie xx
    PS I adore your photos.

    1. Kellie, I personally think there is enough room for all of us. xx

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Elisa, thanks for dropping, so happy you like what you see. xxx j

  7. Ohhhhh, I didn't realise HOW lovely it would be to find another blogger living in my area & to be able to see her experience of this amazing place through her lens. Stunning.
    Amber. x


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