Wednesday 21 August 2013

back on the farm

I just can't seem to keep away from the Funny Farm, in the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of not only some quality time with this lovely family but I also had the pleasure of snapping some very precious breastfeeding moments for Emma and Sassafras, some lovely 3/4 family pics (Susan was down with the dreaded belly bug) as well as a peek and some snaps of their guest accommodation on the property. It is a very sweet place, simple but delightful, if you are ever up this way you should definitely stay there, unless you are friends or even semi acquaintances of ours, in that case you must stay with us.

I was really happy with both these shoots, the light was just a delight to play with and obviously it helps  to have such wonderful subjects.

Susan and I are also hatching some plans for  a couple of Bellingen Food Festivals for next year, festivals that celebrate the amazing produce that is grown in this area in a way that engages everyone within the community, we had a brief meeting yesterday, it is looking pretty wonderful, I look forward to sharing more with you as it progresses.

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